Release Notes - Spring Security - Version 3.2.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [SEC-2096] - Dependency on spring-*-SNAPSHOT
  • [SEC-2111] - Disable auto save of SecurityContext when response committed after startAsync invoked
  • [SEC-2136] - Injecting Bean in a class used in custom PermissionEvaluator leads to NoSuchBeanDefinitionException
  • [SEC-2138] - RoleHierarchyVoter sample incorrectly ends with </class>
  • [SEC-2140] - AclAuthorizationStrategyImpl javadoc should list actions in correct order
  • [SEC-2143] - Error message still mentioning version 3.1
  • [SEC-2161] - <ldap-server> should select unique directory if one is not provided
  • [SEC-2162] - ApacheDSContainer should throw RuntimeException on failure to start
  • [SEC-2175] - spring-security-3.1.xsd incorrectly describes auto-config attribute

New Feature

  • [SEC-2002] - Add SessionFixationProtectionEvent


  • [SEC-2147] - Deprecate .encoding.PasswordEncoder


  • [SEC-1785] - Remove auto-config from namespace docs
  • [SEC-1953] - Support Java Config model in Spring Security
  • [SEC-2107] - Incorrect Javadoc on methods of AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter
  • [SEC-2114] - Spring Cache abstraction based UserCache implementation
  • [SEC-2115] - Improve French translation of the word credentials
  • [SEC-2118] - Update Spring Security 3.1.x to work with Spring Framework 3.2.0 in a OSGI container
  • [SEC-2119] - Please add a "parameter" attribute for the <remember-me> element
  • [SEC-2142] - Schema Documentation should state anonymous/remember me key is defaulted to SecureRandom

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