Release Notes - Spring Security - Version 3.1.5 - HTML format


  • [SEC-2210] - Add Tomcat7 Gradle for samples


  • [SEC-2103] - Querying token for series: thread dump for info level
  • [SEC-2108] - LDAP reference incorrectly spells GrantedAuthoritiesMapper
  • [SEC-2139] - Order of named filter positions in spring-security.xsd is wrong
  • [SEC-2166] - JdbcUserDetailsManager populates old password when changing a password
  • [SEC-2175] - spring-security-3.1.xsd incorrectly describes auto-config attribute
  • [SEC-2447] - JdbcMutableAclServiceTests should invoke aclCache.clearCache() after tests
  • [SEC-2467] - Invalid markup in itest-web's jsps


  • [SEC-2171] - Include Information about Pooling in Spring LDAP documentation
  • [SEC-2245] - Make MethodSecurityExpressionRoot easier to override
  • [SEC-2313] - Use javadoc update tool in build

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