Release Notes - Spring Web Flow - Version 2.2.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [SWF-1349] - JSF Centric Integration
  • [SWF-1370] - IllegalArgumentException in ConvertingPropertyEditorAdapter due to invalid BeanWrapper expression
  • [SWF-1381] - FlowExecutionImpl: handleException ignores result of another handleException
  • [SWF-1383] - Spring Faces throws NPE when writing flow state if JSF servlet is called instead of Spring Dispatcher Servlet
  • [SWF-1385] - servletRelative redirects don't work with default-servlet-handler
  • [SWF-1389] - MessageContextErrors doesn't obey the Errors contract

New Feature

  • [SWF-1333] - Need Spring security tag support for JSF/Facelets
  • [SWF-1368] - Build the Web Flow booking reference application with PrimeFaces components
  • [SWF-1379] - Provide support for Portlet API 2.0 and JSF 1.2


  • [SWF-1373] - Upgrade to Spring 3.0.4 and update the booking-mvc sample
  • [SWF-1375] - Provide custom namespace element(s) to simplify configuration required for processing JSF 2 requests.
  • [SWF-1376] - Handle missing spring headers for ajax redirect
  • [SWF-1386] - Split org.springframework.js-[version].jar into two artifacts, one for client-side resources and a second for server-side Java code
  • [SWF-1387] - Upgrade to dojo 1.5.0 and include dojox
  • [SWF-1388] - Move bundled client-side resources (.js, .css) to META-INF/web-resources instead of META-INF


  • [SWF-1378] - org.springframework.faces.webflow.FlowResourceResolver incompatible with JSF 1.2

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