Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [SWS-141] - Minor Documentation Bug: org.springframework.xml.transform.ResourceSource
  • [SWS-142] - AxiomSoapFaultDetailElementIterator does not consider whitespace nodes
  • [SWS-145] - When using JAXB2, all messages become MTOM
  • [SWS-149] - marshallSendAndReceivce bug in WebServiceTemplate
  • [SWS-150] - Don't close the ServletInputStream in AbstractWebServiceConnection.receive
  • [SWS-151] - IllegalStateException in Saaj11Implementation.removeContents()
  • [SWS-152] - NoSuchMethodError: SaajUtils.toName()
  • [SWS-156] - client-side support for JAXB2 MTOM marshalling is not working well
  • [SWS-158] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: This is not an attribute, it is a namespace: xmlns:xs


  • [SWS-144] - FaultMessageResolver should not be constrained to IOExceptions
  • [SWS-147] - Mention transformWsdlLocations servlet parameter to the reference docs
  • [SWS-154] - Mention namespace resolution for SoapFault annotation

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