Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format


  • [SWS-146] - MessageDispatcherServlet does not search servlet context for a WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter instance
  • [SWS-198] - SaajUtils wrong way to detect SAAJ version
  • [SWS-200] - Thread safe problem during wsdl generation
  • [SWS-202] - Endpoint Mapping and Saxon
  • [SWS-203] - Namespace declarations may be removed from the wsdl when transformWsdlLocations = true
  • [SWS-216] - AbstractValidatingInterceptor.handleResponseValidationErrors's JavaDoc is wrong
  • [SWS-217] - Booking a flight for non-existent flight should result in NoSuchFlightException
  • [SWS-218] - IllegalArgumentException "faultString cannot be empty"
  • [SWS-219] - Spring-ws reads the entier stream when logging set to debug
  • [SWS-220] - Jaxb2Marshaller::supports method does not consider multiple marshallers
  • [SWS-222] - AbstractAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping doesn't allow proxies

New Feature

  • [SWS-81] - Integrate Spring Validator within Spring Web Services
  • [SWS-162] - The XsdBasedSoap11Wsdl4jDefinitionBuilder does not support multiple xsds in generating a WSDL file.


  • [SWS-186] - Use maven profiles to build samples for various app servers
  • [SWS-192] - XStreamMarshaller should be extended to allow specifying annotated classes
  • [SWS-196] - Lack of useAttributeFor in XStreamMarshaller
  • [SWS-201] - Add LeadLander code to site
  • [SWS-204] - Don't abuse Assert.isTrue
  • [SWS-205] - Allow customization of the "SoapFault" produced by the SimpleSoapExceptionResolver
  • [SWS-208] - WebServiceTemplate should send an empty SOAPAction header by default
  • [SWS-211] - XsdBasedSoap11Wsdl4jDefinitionBuilder should use QNameUtils to construct QNames
  • [SWS-212] - BEA StAX implementation throws UnsupportedOperationException when invoked with DOMSource
  • [SWS-213] - WebServiceTemplate always creates SaajSoapMessageFactory instead of only DomPoxMessageFactory
  • [SWS-215] - Add Java 1.4.2 instructions to FAQ
  • [SWS-221] - PayloadValidatingInterceptor reference material should mention 'schemas' property.

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