Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.0 GA - HTML format


  • [SWS-585] - POMs of Spring-WS artifacts at maven central repo wrongfuly contain references to external repositories
  • [SWS-675] - XwssSecurityInterceptor in combination with <sws:interceptors>
  • [SWS-677] - /META-INF/spring.schema

New Feature

  • [SWS-263] - Provide xml based Mock for Web Services


  • [SWS-654] - Use server-side test in airline sample


  • [SWS-254] - Add an EndpointAdapter that adapts to a MethodEndpoint for a methos with one Source param containing the payload
  • [SWS-474] - Interceptor on endpoint
  • [SWS-557] - Make XPathParamAnnotationMethodEndpointAdapter more extendable
  • [SWS-558] - Use custom data types for @XPathParam annotations
  • [SWS-673] - Remove final keyword from AbstractAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping initApplicationContext() method
  • [SWS-678] - jms 1.1 dependency jar - change to freely available jar in M2 Central

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