Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.2.RC1 - HTML format


  • [SWS-842] - Signature & Binary Security Token
  • [SWS-848] - Logging on DEBUG breaks DefaultMessageListenerContainer on WebSphere MQ
  • [SWS-850] - NoEndpointFoundException swallowed by WebServiceMessageReceiverObjectSupport
  • [SWS-857] - NullPointerException: empty SOAP body and use of an interceptor
  • [SWS-861] - wsdl generation issue with CommonsXsdSchemaCollection
  • [SWS-870] - WS-Addressing headers missing from synchronous SOAP responses
  • [SWS-873] - Preventing Denial of Service attack at the server side
  • [SWS-874] - When using @Action and annotation-driven my custom interceptors are not added to the endpoint

New Feature

  • [SWS-778] - Call a new method of ClientInterceptor when sending the message failed
  • [SWS-836] - Add JavaConfig support


  • [SWS-731] - Create a TrustManagerFactoryBean for a simpler config of HttpsUrlConnectionMessageSender
  • [SWS-846] - Document what versions of SOAP, WDSL and WS-I Basic Profile are supported
  • [SWS-851] - AxiomUtils.toEnvelope(Document) cannot specify XMLInputFactory properties
  • [SWS-853] - KeyStoreCallbackHandler should allow the configuration of PKIXBuilderParameters, specifically to enable revocation checking
  • [SWS-856] - Add ability to set SAMLIssuer on Wss4jSecurityInterceptor for securing messages with SAML tokens
  • [SWS-859] - Create WebServiceMessageSender implementation that wraps ClientHttpRequestFactory to allow common HTTP machinery config with RestTemplate
  • [SWS-862] - Make future time to live value configurable
  • [SWS-863] - Support JDK 1.8 in build
  • [SWS-864] - Intercept request with a payload that have not been defined in a EndpointMapping
  • [SWS-867] - MethodReturnValueHandler implementations should support null return values from endpoints
  • [SWS-868] - Add support for SOAP v1.2 Fault to Status Code mapping in WebServiceTemplate


  • [SWS-855] - SPRING WEB SERVICES 2.1.3 is not generating content type as application/xop+xml for MTOM.


  • [SWS-854] - The tutorial need to be updated

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