Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.1.4 - HTML format


  • [SWS-831] - BspCompliant is always set to true in Wss4jSecurityInterceptor
  • [SWS-833] - All JMS headers ignored, if the are not contained in CONVERSION_TABLE or prefixed with SOAPJMS_
  • [SWS-837] - Typo in embedded HTTP server documentation
  • [SWS-840] - I can't set transformSchemaLocation attribute in MessageDispatcherServlet class through web.xml file
  • [SWS-844] - WebServiceTemplate(Marshaller marshaller) constructor doesn't call initDefaultStrategies()
  • [SWS-845] - checkForUtf8ByteOrderMark() will not detect BOM with some TLSv1 implementations

New Feature

  • [SWS-832] - Add support for programmatically instantiating MessageDispatcherServlet


  • [SWS-644] - ejb 2.1 dependency jar - change to freely available jar in M2 Central
  • [SWS-835] - HttpComponentsMessageSender inintuitive constructor
  • [SWS-838] - HttpComponentsMessageSender: Use the PoolingClientConnectionManager instead of the deprecated ThreadSafeClientConnManager
  • [SWS-839] - Update documentation to use HttpComponentsMessageSender in favour of deprecated CommonsHttpMessageSender


  • [SWS-841] - NullPointerException on First invocation to Spring WS Service with Nonce

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