Release Notes - Spring OSGi - Version 1.2.1 - HTML format



  • [OSGI-334] - KF build fails if logging is set to TRACE level on Spring and Spring-DM
  • [OSGI-740] - Spring IDE error: Cannot locate BeanDefinitionDecorator for element [managed-properties]
  • [OSGI-742] - typographical mistake
  • [OSGI-743] - Nested osgi references are exposed in the spring context
  • [OSGI-749] - publishContextAsService instance variable not properly honored
  • [OSGI-750] - In an environment with multiple extenders an OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext may use a NamespaceHandlerResolver from the wrong extender
  • [OSGI-751] - All Dependencies Are Mandatory
  • [OSGI-752] - Spring OSGi Milestone must be added to archetype's pluginRepository
  • [OSGI-755] - spring-osgi-bundle-archetype generates incorrect bundle manifest
  • [OSGI-758] - getService returns null when setting service provider context-class-loader on service exporter
  • [OSGI-759] - Typo in Spring Dynamic Modules Reference Guide - page 7
  • [OSGI-760] - Spelling problem in Spring Dynamic Modules Reference Guide 1.0.3
  • [OSGI-766] - "osgi-compendium" schema cannot be read
  • [OSGI-768] - DefaultContextPathStrategy shouldn't url encode "/" in context path
  • [OSGI-769] - OsgiPropertyEditorRegistrar doesn't close the stream it uses to load its properties file
  • [OSGI-770] - Error in documentation, making reference to a section that doesn't exists
  • [OSGI-788] - Web Extender can (sometimes) deploy a WAR bundle twice


  • [OSGI-791] - Unexpected wait-for-dependencies:=false behavior
  • [OSGI-792] - Issues using Spring DM 1.2.0 with Knoplerfish 2.3.3


  • [OSGI-738] - OsgiServiceLifecycleListenerAdapter nout found by Spring IDE
  • [OSGI-745] - Add the ability to set attributes to exported packages
  • [OSGI-767] - Documentation for jetty-starter should mention config file bundle jetty.etc.osgi
  • [OSGI-772] - incorrect referral to applicationEventMulticaster
  • [OSGI-793] - check compatibility with Spring 3.0

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