Release Notes - Spring LDAP - Version 2.0.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [LDAP-101] - allow eager invalidation of dirty (pooled) connections
  • [LDAP-128] - cookie wrapper class could be null even if paging supported
  • [LDAP-141] - Using the AggregateDirContextProcessor to to use both a SortControlDirContextProcessor and a PagedResultsRequestControl does not work
  • [LDAP-174] - resultSize not set for PagedResultsDirContextProcessor
  • [LDAP-190] - Farsing fails when CN ends with space characters
  • [LDAP-238] - ContextMapper mapFromContext does not throw javax.naming.NamingException
  • [LDAP-259] - LdapRdnComponent#compareTo does not compare the same way as equals
  • [LDAP-260] - LdapRdn should disregard order in equals and compareTo

New Feature

  • [LDAP-108] - Add getErrorCode to mirrored NamingException
  • [LDAP-127] - expose criticality flag for cotrols
  • [LDAP-169] - add SearchControls to authenticate method
  • [LDAP-258] - Modernize Spring LDAP API
  • [LDAP-263] - Add fluent builder support for building filters
  • [LDAP-269] - Support Query DSL
  • [LDAP-274] - ODM should use standard Spring Converter for conversions
  • [LDAP-275] - Add support for java.util.Set on attribute values in ODM


  • [LDAP-191] - Replace deprecated javadoc aggregate parameter with goal
  • [LDAP-257] - Dependency overhaul
  • [LDAP-262] - Clean up samples and their test cases.
  • [LDAP-272] - Make NullDirContextProcessor a public class
  • [LDAP-273] - Convert to slf4j
  • [LDAP-276] - Run tests against Spring 4 also


  • [LDAP-142] - Add utility method to simplify working with SingleContextSource
  • [LDAP-248] - Support for Name attribute values in DirContextAdapter (was:LdapRdnComponent lowercases key)
  • [LDAP-254] - OdmManager should find managed classes automatically
  • [LDAP-256] - Require TempEntryRenamingStrategy to be explicitly configured
  • [LDAP-261] - Enable configuration of default timeLimit, countLimit and searchScope in LdapTemplate
  • [LDAP-265] - Move ODM functionality to LdapTemplate
  • [LDAP-266] - Spring-data Automatic Repository Support
  • [LDAP-267] - Custom XML namespace configuration
  • [LDAP-268] - DN mapping in ODM
  • [LDAP-270] - Convert Spring LDAP doc to asciidoc


  • [LDAP-271] - ODM: nullable attributes are not removed from LDAP if OdmManagerImpl#update(Object) is used

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