Release Notes - Spring LDAP - Version 1.3.2 - HTML format


  • [LDAP-119] - modifyAttributes produces invalid SchemaViolationException in a particular use case
  • [LDAP-168] - Recursive Unbinds fail in transactional context
  • [LDAP-179] - DataSource connections not being released when LDAP connection fails in JDBC integrated transaction.
  • [LDAP-226] - empty OrFilter should be false (|) and empty AndFilter should be true (&), see also rfc4526
  • [LDAP-229] - Default DN parser does not handle hash/sharp symbol correctly
  • [LDAP-233] - LdifParser goes into infinite loop when passed a non-LDIF file
  • [LDAP-234] - Rollback intermittently causes data loss
  • [LDAP-237] - Spring LDAP does not correctly parse DN names that has double-quote in the middle
  • [LDAP-240] - SchemaToJava fails to generate Java classes
  • [LDAP-244] - Rebind commit fails under complex circumstances
  • [LDAP-246] - SchemaToJava doesn't handle dashes in attribute names or attributes that are both may and must
  • [LDAP-250] - spring-ldap-odm should not have its own
  • [LDAP-253] - Specify sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility

New Feature

  • [LDAP-228] - Update entry with modify attributes in ODM manager
  • [LDAP-235] - Update entry with child nodes.



  • [LDAP-183] - LdapTemplate caches password with pooled connections
  • [LDAP-225] - Authentication documentation is misleading
  • [LDAP-227] - Mapping objectclass in ODM
  • [LDAP-230] - Pool Validation polluting logs with "IOException: connection closed" stacktrace even though it is handled gracefully by framework
  • [LDAP-231] - Missing spring-ldap 1.3.1 sources on Maven Central
  • [LDAP-232] - Upgrade ApacheDS to 1.5.x
  • [LDAP-236] - Generate maven source artifacts for every artifact
  • [LDAP-239] - Fatal message logged by SortControlDirContextProcessor when empty results
  • [LDAP-245] - change OdmManagerImplFactoryBean to use LdapTemplate(or LdapOperations) rather than ContextSource
  • [LDAP-247] - Using Spring Security and Spring LDAP together requires that BaseLdapPathBeanPostProcessor implements interface Ordered
  • [LDAP-255] - Documentation tweaks regarding DirContextAdapter


  • [LDAP-181] - LdapTemplate logs message at INFO level instead of DEBUG when checking searchControls

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