Release Notes - Spring LDAP - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [LDAP-177] - LdapUtils convertLdapException fails to convert exceptions when they are extended
  • [LDAP-277] - ODM needs to use DN Attribute index when populating DnAttribute values
  • [LDAP-278] - Static fields should be disregarded by ODM

New Feature

  • [LDAP-38] - Provide utility method for retrieving supported controls from the directory server
  • [LDAP-242] - Add transaction manager for hibernate 4 integration
  • [LDAP-243] - Add transaction manager for JTA integration


  • [LDAP-264] - Provide a means to handle exceeded count limit gracefully
  • [LDAP-279] - Improve Samples
  • [LDAP-280] - LdapTemplate#create and #update should update the ID of the saved object
  • [LDAP-281] - Support different criteria in automatically generated queries
  • [LDAP-282] - Naming and additional methods in LdapNameBuilder
  • [LDAP-283] - Update documentation

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