Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.1.0 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [BATCH-2222] - Update and polish Build/Release instructions


  • [BATCH-2213] - Original exception wrapped in IllegalArgumentException/InvocationTargetException in annotated step listeners
  • [BATCH-2294] - Overriding transaction management
  • [BATCH-2442] - When an error is thrown on write and another error is thrown on process during retry, the job gets in a infinite loop and never finishes.
  • [BATCH-2624] - Chunk oriented step builders must validate that an ItemWriter is provided
  • [BATCH-2675] - Rejected Job can not be restarted
  • [BATCH-2711] - Existing failed job is restarted, even if new job contains different job parameters
  • [BATCH-2721] - Incorrect remote chunking sample in documentation
  • [BATCH-2749] - Property default value differs from document
  • [BATCH-2752] - JsonFileItemWriter writes invalid json when write method called few times in a row.

New Feature

  • [BATCH-2686] - Simplify Remote Chunking Configuration
  • [BATCH-2687] - Simplify Remote Partitioning Configuration
  • [BATCH-2690] - Create a Validator implementation that uses Bean Validation as the mechanism
  • [BATCH-2691] - Streaming JSON reader
  • [BATCH-2692] - Streaming JSON Writer
  • [BATCH-2695] - Create an ItemReader that reads from an InputStream
  • [BATCH-2696] - Add convenience methods for generating delimited files to FlatFileItemWriterBuilder
  • [BATCH-2718] - Simplify batch test utilities configuration


  • [BATCH-2217] - Migrate Build Process to Gradle
  • [BATCH-2723] - Incorrect JdbcPagingItemReader java config example in doc


  • [BATCH-1808] - Javadoc for Type Safety
  • [BATCH-2091] - Declare DDL with VARCHAR( n char)
  • [BATCH-2642] - Document how to make Spring Batch work with Spring Data JPA repositories
  • [BATCH-2688] - Add JSR-305 annotations to APIs
  • [BATCH-2698] - Unnecessary apache commons-io dependency in spring-batch-test module
  • [BATCH-2699] - Derby generated files should be under build directory
  • [BATCH-2701] - Unnecessary apache commons-collections in spring-batch-test module
  • [BATCH-2702] - testCompile hamcrest-library in spring-batch-test module
  • [BATCH-2705] - Simplify the ability to configure a custom TransactionManager with java config
  • [BATCH-2710] - beanRowMapper builder method to JdbcCursorItemReaderBuilder
  • [BATCH-2714] - Create a builder for the JpaItemWriter
  • [BATCH-2715] - Inconsistent method name
  • [BATCH-2724] - JpaPagingItemReader causes the program to enter loop
  • [BATCH-2725] - Upgrade Gradle to v4.10
  • [BATCH-2745] - Typo in HibernatePagingItemReaderBuilder#useSatelessSession method name
  • [BATCH-2751] - Support for Java 9
  • [BATCH-2756] - Support for Java 10
  • [BATCH-2757] - Support for Java 11


  • [BATCH-2738] - FlatFileItemReaderBuilder class - TAB character is not set as a delimiter

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