Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.1.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [BATCH-2213] - Original exception wrapped in IllegalArgumentException/InvocationTargetException in annotated step listeners
  • [BATCH-2442] - When an error is thrown on write and another error is thrown on process during retry, the job gets in a infinite loop and never finishes.
  • [BATCH-2624] - Chunk oriented step builders must validate that an ItemWriter is provided
  • [BATCH-2721] - Incorrect remote chunking sample in documentation

New Feature

  • [BATCH-2686] - Simplify Remote Chunking Configuration
  • [BATCH-2691] - Streaming JSON reader
  • [BATCH-2718] - Simplify batch test utilities configuration


  • [BATCH-2699] - Derby generated files should be under build directory
  • [BATCH-2710] - beanRowMapper builder method to JdbcCursorItemReaderBuilder
  • [BATCH-2714] - Create a builder for the JpaItemWriter

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