Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.2.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [BATCH-2758] - The Javadoc on DelimitedLineTokenizer#substringWithTrimmedWhitespaceAndQuotesIfQuotesPresent is wrong
  • [BATCH-2782] - Incorrect error message when an exception is thrown in JobExecutionListener#afterJob

New Feature

  • [BATCH-2774] - Add support for job metrics with Micrometer



  • [BATCH-2385] - `JobParameters.getLong(String)` returns 0 if parameter not present
  • [BATCH-2761] - Varargs in reader, processor, and writer builders
  • [BATCH-2768] - Javadoc typo in PartitionStepBuilder#gridSize()
  • [BATCH-2769] - Add a getJobInstanceId convenience method to StepContext
  • [BATCH-2771] - DefaultDataFieldMaxValueIncrementerFactory uses deprecated incrementers
  • [BATCH-2802] - BeanValidatingItemProcessor has incorrect import for Assert


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