Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.1.3 - HTML format


  • [BATCH-1969] - List should be final in CompositeItemStream
  • [BATCH-2720] - FlatFileItemWriterBuilder requires a Resource
  • [BATCH-2837] - FlatFileItemReaderBuilder does not overrule comment prefixes in returned FlatFileItemReader
  • [BATCH-2840] - Regression due to the fix of BATCH-2442
  • [BATCH-2844] - Empty String as delimiter is ignored
  • [BATCH-2845] - Documentation: XSD specifies incorrect type for RetryPolicy
  • [BATCH-2862] - Default value of comment prefix in FlatFileItemReaderBuilder is inconsistent with FlatFileItemReader


  • [BATCH-2541] - It's unclear and confusing that using <skippable-exception-class> element.


  • [BATCH-2776] - Parameter "line" of LineTokenizer#tokenize should be annotated with "@Nullable"
  • [BATCH-2790] - Wording Fix: domain.adoc

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