Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.2.0.M3 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [BATCH-2823] - Show step duration in logs
  • [BATCH-2833] - Implement AvroItemReader and AvroItemWriter


  • [BATCH-1784] - JdbcJobInstanceDao.getJobInstances() does not optimize at the database level
  • [BATCH-1801] - Method for disabling fuzzy matching in BeanWrapperFieldSetMapper
  • [BATCH-2422] - Slow query performance while stopping job
  • [BATCH-2462] - Allow JpaItemWriter to support persist rather than merge for improved performance.
  • [BATCH-2775] - Show job duration in logs
  • [BATCH-2834] - Replace Master/Slave with Manager/Worker

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