Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.0.5 - HTML format


  • [INT-1805] - DefaultHttpHeaderMapper does not support wildcard (*) as an Accept-Charset header value
  • [INT-1895] - Using a placeholder (or SpEL expression) for the 'using-nio' attribute does not work; it causes a TcpNet* connection factory to be defined unconditionally.
  • [INT-1910] - JMS inbound-gateway does not work with explicitly defined reply-channel
  • [INT-1912] - The release-strategy-expression attribute shows the wrong SpEL expression in documentation.
  • [INT-1914] - NPE in AbstractMailReceiver.receive()
  • [INT-1916] - Unable to configure locker and poller together
  • [INT-1921] - INT-1885 causes the default remote-file-separator to be initialized to an empty string, rather than the previous default of "/"
  • [INT-1923] - Imap adapter doesn't stop when stop() command is sent via control bus
  • [INT-1925] - timestamp header is not retained after deserialization
  • [INT-1936] - sftp:outbound-channel-adapter locks a file if exception occurs during writing
  • [INT-1937] - Infinite loop in TcpNioConnection caused by TCP client abnormal exit
  • [INT-1940] - NPE in CorrelatingMessageHandler
  • [INT-1952] - Poller is no injected with the custom ErrorHandler when error-channel is provided
  • [INT-1954] - Section 22.4 Twitter Inbound Adapters - metadata store bean name must be specified
  • [INT-1957] - A 'poller' element that provides a 'ref' must have no other attributes.
  • [INT-1959] - Appendix B-3 of the reference guide needs to be updated
  • [INT-1961] - SftpInboundFileSynchronizingMessageSource does not obey "Auto Startup"
  • [INT-1963] - Error On Documentation: Jaxb2Marshaller, not Jaxb1Marshaller
  • [INT-1965] - sftp-inbound-channel-adapter "delete-remote-files" attribute deos not accept placeholders since it's defined as "xsd:boolean"
  • [INT-1969] - PayloadTypeRouter not working properly
  • [INT-1974] - BeanFactoryTypeConverter does not convert empty Collections even if the target requires a different type of Collection

New Feature

  • [INT-1932] - add 'delimiters' attribute to the <splitter> element


  • [INT-1748] - run all tests against Spring trunk before 3.0.6 is released
  • [INT-1911] - Upgrade to Spring WS 2.0.2 when available
  • [INT-1922] - Create section on Datatype channels and used conversion strategy
  • [INT-1930] - document the 'cache-sessions' boolean attribute for FTP/SFTP adapters
  • [INT-1975] - Regenerate POM files
  • [INT-1978] - Add more test cases for PayloadTypeRouter


  • [INT-1777] - AbstractExpressionEvaluator.evaluateExpression should log SpEL errors
  • [INT-1798] - Outbound File Adapter to Support Dynamic Directories
  • [INT-1811] - JavaMail should be upgraded to 1.4.4
  • [INT-1909] - SFTP: I would like to be able to disable strictHostKeyChecking
  • [INT-1919] - Add wildcards support for header-filter
  • [INT-1927] - The 'wire-tap' element and other custom elements should be allowed within a global Channel Interceptor
  • [INT-1928] - WireTap should not intercept its own channel
  • [INT-1933] - HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler should set the MapAccessor on its StandardEvaluationContext
  • [INT-1934] - Add additional mail headers to the mail:header-enricher
  • [INT-1938] - Reference manual refers to classes which no longer exist.
  • [INT-1942] - email inbound-channel-adapter store timeout in 20 mins on exchange server
  • [INT-1948] - Add cacheLevel property for jms:message-driven-channel-adapter configuration
  • [INT-1950] - Reference manual link for Jira does not go to the Issue Tracker
  • [INT-1951] - HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler and Content-Type headers
  • [INT-1964] - Poller Cron heartbeat - add a DEBUG level logging to the Poller
  • [INT-1970] - Add an example of implementing a router with SpEL and mapping in the Reference Manual
  • [INT-1972] - MessageBuilder should return the original Message anytime that no changes are made to the payload or headers


  • [INT-1949] - AbstractChannelParser should not load classes for the 'datatype' attribute
  • [INT-1953] - Refactor code to accomodate changes required to run SI against Spring 3.1


  • [INT-1980] - Lack in documentation about "pub-sub-domain" attribute

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