Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.1 M2 - HTML format


  • [INT-2013] - Time mismatches between Reaper being scheduled and timeout specified on the Reaper
  • [INT-2064] - Consolidate GemfireMessageGroupStore to single region
  • [INT-2065] - Create Gemfire region(s) internally
  • [INT-2066] - Methods requiring multiple region operations must be transactional
  • [INT-2072] - Refactor GemfireMessageGroupStoreTests
  • [INT-2096] - Remove ChannelResolver from XPath Router
  • [INT-2134] - Remove the role of the Sequence Size for the aggregators that are not relying on the default SequenceSizeReleaseStrategy
  • [INT-2135] - Resequencer should not be storing released messages. It should only remember the sequence number of the highest rated Message
  • [INT-2142] - Refactor GemfireMessageStore to rely on SimpleMessageGroup and remove KeyValueMessageGroup
  • [INT-2144] - Document Default Socket Timeout
  • [INT-2148] - Consider refactoring the scope of synchronized blocks in AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler
  • [INT-2154] - Refactor TcpNet.*ConnectionFactory Implementations to More Easily Facilitate SubClassing
  • [INT-2155] - Persist the state of the MessageGroups
  • [INT-2158] - Expose 'expireGroupsUponCompletion' attribute on Aggregate
  • [INT-2159] - Add support for specifying custom header for 'sequenceNumber' in Resequencer
  • [INT-2162] - Set correlationId and sequenceNumber Headers in Messages Originated by Tcp Endpoints


  • [INT-2010] - POJO-based release strategy doesn't work in aggregator unless release method us annotated with @ReleaseStrategy
  • [INT-2014] - Auto-completion of the Message group and race condition between the Reaper and discard-channel
  • [INT-2053] - Refactor and Standardize possible XSD Schema Attributes across all Routers
  • [INT-2106] - mail:outbound-channel-adapter requires a poller with pollable channels and while not supporting poller inside
  • [INT-2110] - "cron" attribute is ignored in poller configuration
  • [INT-2115] - GroovyControlBusFactoryBean must skip abstract beans when builds scriptVariables
  • [INT-2121] - Message header value has type com.rabbitmq.client.impl.LongStringHelper$ByteArrayLongString
  • [INT-2122] - Remove 'interval' attribute from poller configuration
  • [INT-2145] - Hard-coded value for RestTemplate bean in HttpOutboundChannelAdapterParser and HttpOutboundGatewayParser
  • [INT-2163] - Remote File Gateway Test Fails on Windows
  • [INT-2168] - Port Number Missing From Connection Id
  • [INT-2170] - cannot set MessageConverter in AmqpInboundGateway
  • [INT-2171] - AMQP Inbound Gateway Overwites ContentType After MessageConverter Has Set It

New Feature

  • [INT-1761] - Add <xpath-filter> element
  • [INT-1878] - An AMQP based Channel to enable distributed messaging
  • [INT-1931] - Add support URI variable replacement to the WS gateway/adapters
  • [INT-1935] - Add support for generating a MimeMailMessage for the outbound Mail adapter
  • [INT-2031] - Consider supporting FIFO semantics on the Priority Channel for tie breaks
  • [INT-2088] - Document JSR223 Scripting
  • [INT-2131] - AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler has to throw something like RequiresReplyException when requires-reply="true"


  • [INT-1618] - Automate SI schema publication
  • [INT-1818] - Validate Twitter adapter against Spring Social M2 release, refactor if neccesery to prepare for full migration once 1.0.0 is released.
  • [INT-1976] - Refactor Mail adapters (MailReceiver, IDLE etc.)
  • [INT-2084] - explore use of Redis for a distributed lock
  • [INT-2102] - Investigate possible implementation of SpringIntegrationServlet that would map its handler based on the arbitrary attribute (e.g., 'path') rather than beanName for non-MVC cases
  • [INT-2109] - Update JMS schema documenting undocumented DMLC attributes.
  • [INT-2112] - Change Message PRIORITY header to be of type Long (currently Integer)
  • [INT-2141] - Update Project Website - Build Spring Integration from Source
  • [INT-2150] - Fix Twitter documentation


  • [INT-1803] - Provide stored procedure support for inbound and outbound jdbc adapters
  • [INT-1860] - Allow Gateway to specify mappings for method arguments when providing header expressions via XML
  • [INT-1907] - add support for 'expression' on outbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-2012] - Improve documentation for 'send-partial-result-on-expiry'
  • [INT-2050] - Clean Up IP Module Sonar Code Rule Violations
  • [INT-2061] - Auto-startup attribute is not documented in Xml Schema spring-integration-file-2.1.xsd
  • [INT-2071] - xpath-router needs apply-sequence
  • [INT-2089] - allow no-argument Gateway methods to be configured for sending Messages
  • [INT-2091] - Allow Exception-Type-Routers in a Chain
  • [INT-2101] - Simplify Handling of Channel Resolution (Failures) for Routers
  • [INT-2118] - add support for exchange-name-expression on AMQP outbound adapters
  • [INT-2119] - Use 'rabbitConnectionFactory' as default for AMQP inbound adapters
  • [INT-2124] - Expose 'converter' attribute on the <xpath-router> element
  • [INT-2143] - Add support for 'error-handler' attribute in XML for AMQP inbound adapters
  • [INT-2157] - Generate an error when a previous version of any XSD is used
  • [INT-2169] - SFTP: I would like to be able SFTP via a SOCKS5 Proxy without implementing remote.session.SessionFactory
  • [INT-2172] - Allow SpEL expressions inside uri elements or provide a in Spring WebService


  • [INT-1533] - Consider refactoring "correlating" MessageHandler hierarchy to share more in common with AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler
  • [INT-1548] - avoid depending on Twitter4j
  • [INT-2063] - Refactor GemfireMessageGroupStore
  • [INT-2100] - Refactor ImapIdleChannelAdapter to clean up after the result of 'task-executor' deprecation
  • [INT-2130] - Move scripting support from core to scripting module
  • [INT-2149] - Refactor HTTP and WS outbound adapters to use <String, Expression> instead of <String, String> for URI variable expressions
  • [INT-2152] - Refactor Aggregator and Resequencer to better accommodate full span of use-cases


  • [INT-2123] - Make sure Spring Integration builds successfully via Maven
  • [INT-2129] - Fix Pom.xml for Twitter Adapter
  • [INT-2136] - amqp:inbound-channel-adapter "queue-names" property should be optional when "listener-container" reference is provided
  • [INT-2160] - Correct concurrency problems with JRuby Scripting

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