Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.1 RC1 - HTML format


  • [INT-2073] - Add support for mapping custom (XMPP) headers
  • [INT-2175] - Add Documentation for Stored Procedure Components to the Reference Manual
  • [INT-2239] - Add namespace support for header-mapper and/or mapped header names/patterns on XMPP adapters
  • [INT-2240] - Add namespace support for header-mapper and/or mapped header names/patterns on AMQP adapters
  • [INT-2245] - Jdbc Outbound Gateways - Change "request-timeout" to "reply-timeout"
  • [INT-2251] - HTTP outbound gateway - 'request-timeout' should be 'reply-timeout'


  • [INT-1720] - Http inbound adapter does not give access to request parameters on POST
  • [INT-2027] - Generated poms for released artifacts should not contain repository declarations
  • [INT-2164] - Groovy Control Bus should skip non-singleton managed beans during script variables initialization
  • [INT-2165] - ExponentialMovingAverageTests.testReset() doesn't pass on Windows
  • [INT-2188] - HeaderEnricherParserSupport doesn't support parsing inner-bean-definition
  • [INT-2202] - auto-start and phase Missing from AMQP inbound-adapter
  • [INT-2205] - Fix documentation issue regarding the Claim Check 'remove-message' attribute
  • [INT-2210] - AMQP channel interceptors support
  • [INT-2212] - IllegalArgumentException in message store
  • [INT-2215] - Claim Check - In XSD: Remove certain attributes when used in a Chain
  • [INT-2219] - Setting the "auto-startup" attribute on Aggregators is not possible
  • [INT-2220] - Spring Integration Gemfire Module - Tests don't always run successfully
  • [INT-2221] - Race Condition in SimpleMessageStore.getMessageGroupInternal()
  • [INT-2227] - Missing messages when multiple threads attached to same message store
  • [INT-2231] - MessageGroup CREATED_DATE is reset with each new message added to it when using JdbcMessageStore
  • [INT-2232] - Spurious Stack Trace When Processing NullChannel in GlobalChannelInterceptorBeanPostProcessor
  • [INT-2246] - Jdbc Outbound Gateway - XSD Schema does not declare attribute "max-rows-per-poll"
  • [INT-2248] - On Outbound Gateways deprecate "request-timeout" and provide "reply-timeout" across Components
  • [INT-2249] - MethodInvokingMessageProcessor constructor ignores the boolean flag for 'requiresReply'
  • [INT-2257] - Payload Enricher - Handle "Null" Messages due to reply-timeout
  • [INT-2258] - In payload enricher: expose setRequiresReply in Schema and default it to true
  • [INT-2259] - Provide workaround until SPR-8818 is resolved (and we depend upon Spring 3.1)

New Feature

  • [INT-1906] - outbound-channel-adapter should support the 'expression' attribute
  • [INT-2213] - FileTransferringMessageHandler - Add support for writing files to a temporary directory
  • [INT-2235] - Add support for Resource Loading inbound channel adapter
  • [INT-2253] - Add support for expiring MessageGroups based on the idle time


  • [INT-551] - Improve testcases for FileWritingMessageHandler
  • [INT-2055] - improve documentation about the "ignore-send-failures" attribute for Routers
  • [INT-2111] - Catch-All for Minor Typos etc in SI Reference
  • [INT-2174] - Revisit/Polish Stored Procedure Adapters
  • [INT-2195] - Add "what's new in 2.1" section to the reference manual
  • [INT-2199] - Add documentation for Content Enricher
  • [INT-2201] - Upgrade MongoDB module to M5
  • [INT-2238] - work through all warnings emitted during build
  • [INT-2270] - Upgrade Groovy module to 1.8.4


  • [INT-1532] - Add HeaderMapper support for marshalling Web Service gateways and outbound Web Service gateways in general
  • [INT-1769] - Implement Release Strategy for Unbounded Message Sequences in Resequencer
  • [INT-1876] - Stopping/Starting a Channel Adapter Should Act on the Connection Factory
  • [INT-1884] - Polish tests that intermittently break CI
  • [INT-2035] - Simplify Cookie Handling in HttpOutbound Gateway
  • [INT-2178] - Add support for specifying Exchange and Queue names on AMQP Message Channels
  • [INT-2206] - For Claim Check - Allow 'remove-message' attribute to be set within a chain
  • [INT-2207] - Expose ALLOW_COMMENTS Option on json-to-object-transformer
  • [INT-2211] - To beter support flow segmentation concept service-activator must allow <gateway> as inner element
  • [INT-2216] - For Enrichers that define 'request-' and 'reply-channel' attributes - add: 'request-timeout' and 'reply-timeout' attributes
  • [INT-2223] - Content Enricher: Allow for Enriching a Payload that is of type java.util.Map
  • [INT-2224] - Content Enricher - Allow to send a sub-set of the payload to the request-channel
  • [INT-2226] - Improve SimpleMessageStore to address some of the concurrency issues that resulted in INT-2221
  • [INT-2228] - Content Enricher - request-channel should be optional
  • [INT-2237] - Reference Manual Type-o A.4.1
  • [INT-2241] - For StoredProc Components - Add attribute: skipUndeclaredResults
  • [INT-2254] - Detect if the payload is already a message in HttpRequestHandlingEndpointSupport
  • [INT-2255] - Fix Gemfire parser error for continuous queries


  • [INT-2209] - Problem in the closed INT-1844 issue
  • [INT-2242] - AbstractFtpSessionFactory javadoc correction


  • [INT-2083] - Refactor to common base class for header mappers
  • [INT-2256] - Need to remove AbstractRemotingOutboundGateway which is deprecated and marked for removal in 2.1

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