Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2 M2 - HTML format


  • [INT-2200] - Consider improving message polling in JdbcMessageStore
  • [INT-2544] - "First in First Out" of QueueChannel is ineffective when use JDBC message-store
  • [INT-2573] - Need a mechanism to have the max-number-of-results attribute for JPA outbound gateway and inbound adapters
  • [INT-2584] - Instantiate the StoredProcExecutor as a Spring Managed Bean for each Stored Proc Component


  • [INT-2558] - JPA: remove SI version on the XSD URLs in the test contexts
  • [INT-2566] - Gemfire <outbound-channel-adapter> must not require 'id' attribute
  • [INT-2571] - The attribute use-payload-as-parameter-source is not used in the JPAExecutor
  • [INT-2572] - The reply-timeout attribute is ignored and not used in the parser for the JPA outbound gateway.
  • [INT-2578] - No "send-timeout" attribute in <int:resequencer> when placed in <int:chain>
  • [INT-2581] - TCP Failing Test
  • [INT-2592] - Memory leak in SimpleMessageStore.

New Feature

  • [INT-2153] - Add SSL Support for the Tcp ConnectionFactories
  • [INT-2234] - Allow <gateway> to be invocable by sending Message to it to better support flow segmentation and future retry capabilities.
  • [INT-2567] - Improve Groovy Control Bus to avoid overhead during script variables initialization with managed beans
  • [INT-2570] - Add support for URL Expression for Http Outbound adapter/gateway


  • [INT-2318] - Consider removing pre-initialization of MBeanExporter form IntegrationMBeanExporter
  • [INT-2440] - Add the chapters to the reference manual for the JPA Channel adapters
  • [INT-2565] - Upgrade to Spring Data Mongo 1.1.0.M1
  • [INT-2569] - Refactor HttpOutboundGateway to mitigate breaking changes due to UriTemplate changes in Spring 3.1
  • [INT-2580] - Doc: Add Documentation to the Reference Manual regarding Dynamic Stored Procedure Names
  • [INT-2588] - Remove Deprecation in IP After Migration to SF 3.1.1.
  • [INT-2591] - Update spring-integration-amqp to Use spring-amqp 1.1.1
  • [INT-2601] - Update the JPA Adapter Documentation reflecting the Outbound Gateway Changes


  • [INT-2271] - Add an ability to supply procedure name from Message headers and/or using SpEl
  • [INT-2397] - HTTP Outbound Gateway http-method should be able to pick up http-method from Message or expression
  • [INT-2417] - Add Bean Name Alias for Beans with Generated Names
  • [INT-2419] - Improve NIO Thread Handling
  • [INT-2463] - Add 'value' attribute to the 'uri-variable' sub-element
  • [INT-2488] - Add dynamic view support to http inbound-gateway
  • [INT-2557] - Add test about <jpa:outbound-channel-adapter> inside <chain>


  • [INT-2527] - Remove deprecations in Event Adapter after upgrade to Spring 3.1.1
  • [INT-2554] - Refactor JdbcMessageStore
  • [INT-2582] - Split JPA Outbound Gateway into "updating-outbound-gateway" and "retrieving-outbound-gateway"

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