Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2 RC1 - HTML format


  • [INT-639] - <chain/> doesn't work with annotated handlers
  • [INT-2524] - Transfer-Encoding header should be filtered out from http output
  • [INT-2532] - AMQP Endpoint Configuration Anomaly
  • [INT-2603] - Deadlock When Shutting Down TCP Connection Factory
  • [INT-2716] - Fix JavaDoc Warnings
  • [INT-2718] - <chain> config is failed when nested <gateway>s have a 'request-channel' attribute
  • [INT-2734] - Disable serializer settings for Redis Store Outbound Adapter if it was initialized with RedisTemplate
  • [INT-2737] - RedisMessageStore - AbstractKeyValueMessageStore groupId handling bug
  • [INT-2740] - Use selector on a Polled JMS Channel
  • [INT-2741] - Add <reply-listener/> to JmsOutboundGateway
  • [INT-2742] - TcpReceivingChannelAdapterTests Random Failures
  • [INT-2744] - HTTP Content-Length Header Should NOT be Propagated to a Reply
  • [INT-2745] - XSD Schema - Delayer: Disallow "id" attribute within a Chain
  • [INT-2748] - CircuitBreaker Advice Exception Should Not be MessagingException
  • [INT-2750] - Fix GPFB Javadoc
  • [INT-2751] - JDBC Message Store - Reaper Can Reap Released Group of Messages
  • [INT-2752] - Fix build.gradle for Spring 3.2 compatibility
  • [INT-2756] - Syntax Error in Generated MySQL Message Store Script
  • [INT-2757] - JDBC Message Store Message with No Group in DB Causes Error
  • [INT-2759] - JPA Adapter Failing Test

New Feature

  • [INT-1819] - IMAP inbound channel adapters could allow move to folders for processed messages
  • [INT-2719] - SyslogToMapTransformer uses SimpleDateFormat with Default Locale
  • [INT-2761] - Redis Zset - Support Score Increment


  • [INT-2667] - Document the usage of 'cacheConsumers' when used with explicit 'replyDestination'
  • [INT-2710] - Remove all hard-coded Schema references in context files
  • [INT-2715] - Update spring-amqp to 1.1.2.RELEASE
  • [INT-2722] - Add a note about Delayer's advice-chain into Reference Manual
  • [INT-2723] - Document RedisStore Inbound Channel Adapter
  • [INT-2724] - Document RedisStore Outbound Channel Adapter
  • [INT-2725] - Document MongoDb Inbound Channel Adapter
  • [INT-2726] - Document MongoDb Outbound Channel Adapter
  • [INT-2727] - Reconsider the newly created pseudo-transactional support
  • [INT-2730] - Move OrderlyShutdownCapable from the core Package to the context Package
  • [INT-2747] - Change Bundlor Version Minimums to 3.0.7 for S.F.
  • [INT-2762] - Change the name of the new Redis classes to eliminate plural form the name


  • [INT-2218] - Improve XSD Schema: Inside a Chain Components cannot have a Poller sub-element
  • [INT-2448] - Document a "selector" JMS Adapter Attribute
  • [INT-2481] - Add support <transactional/> sub-element for <service-activator>, <transformer>, <outbound-channel-adapter> etc.
  • [INT-2487] - Support ObjectName Patterns in JMX <notification-listening-channel-adapter/>
  • [INT-2599] - TCP Endpoints Client Mode Improvements
  • [INT-2683] - Enable cachability of consumers for reply-side of JmsOutboundGateway
  • [INT-2695] - In the field 'uri' doesn't work the same way the 'deafultUri' works in
  • [INT-2698] - Document Message Handler Advice Chain (Retry, CircuitBreaker, Expressions)
  • [INT-2699] - Document Pseudo Transaction Support
  • [INT-2701] - Add Documentation About Replacing the Default taskScheduler with a TimerManagerTaskScheduler
  • [INT-2705] - Add pipeline and transaction support to Redis Store outbound adapter
  • [INT-2729] - Expose serializer settings for Redis Outbound Channel Adapter
  • [INT-2733] - Expose serializers for Redis Store Inbound adapters
  • [INT-2735] - Expose serializers on Redis Inbound/Outbound adapters
  • [INT-2736] - RedisInboundAdapter limited to handle only String messages from redis
  • [INT-2746] - Add a "name" attribute to the delayer that serves as a mutually exclusive alias to the "id" attribute
  • [INT-2763] - ExpressionEvaluatingAdvice Should Send an AdviceMessage (or ErrorMessage)


  • [INT-2717] - <http:inbound-channel-adapter> doesn't support 'view-expression' attribute
  • [INT-2721] - Failed tests on slow machine
  • [INT-2749] - sftp list FileInfo return wrong Date in Method getModified()

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