Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2. GA - HTML format


  • [INT-2832] - Aggregator expire-groups-upon-completion not documented
  • [INT-2833] - Memory Leak in Aggregator
  • [INT-2837] - EOFException by using HTTP outbound gateway
  • [INT-2839] - CachingClientConnectionFactory Doesn't Work With Gateways
  • [INT-2840] - Fix build failure against Spring 3.0.7

New Feature

  • [INT-769] - File OutBound Adaptor which writes all messages into a channel into a single file


  • [INT-2842] - Doc: Re-order 'What's New in 2.2' section
  • [INT-2843] - Document that with 2.2 Java serialization over HTTP is not enabled by default


  • [INT-2127] - Change from mbean-exporter to mbean-export in docs 8.1.6


  • [INT-2841] - Reference Documentation: Fix broken links

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