Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.1.1 - HTML format


  • [INT-1734] - DefaultHttpHeaderMapper does not take into account that Http Header names are case-insensitive
  • [INT-2180] - Polish Delayer XSD
  • [INT-2396] - AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandlerParser doesn't parse 'release-strategy-expression' & 'correlation-strategy-expression' when POJO-aggregator is used via 'ref'
  • [INT-2399] - Force ServiceActivatorFactoryBean to use 'processMessage' method-name in the 'createMessageProcessingHandler' for MessageProcessor's instances
  • [INT-2400] - Spring Integration XSD in 2.1.0.RELEASE references classes in wrong packages
  • [INT-2402] - Documentation example for declaring a spring integration namespace using an explicit version is missing the version number in the example.
  • [INT-2403] - Wrong amqp samples url in documentation
  • [INT-2404] - Event, TCP, and UDP Inbound Channel Adapter Parsers Do not Bind Auto-Generated Channels to Adapter
  • [INT-2405] - HeaderEnricherParserSupport: force HeaderEnricher$MethodInvokingHeaderValueMessageProcessor to use 'processMessage' method-name for script processors
  • [INT-2406] - DefaultJmsHeaderMapper don't map JMSTimestamp to headers
  • [INT-2407] - Remove use='required' from channel Attrbute to Allow Auto Channel Creation
  • [INT-2409] - Warning "Referenced bean 'org.springframework.integration.handler.LoggingHandler#0' not found"
  • [INT-2411] - default-output-channel is ignored for recipient-list-router
  • [INT-2412] - We must ensure that 'priority' header can only have value of type Integer
  • [INT-2413] - @ManagedOperations/Attributes Not Available to <control-bus/> If Context Has Integration MBean Exporter
  • [INT-2414] - Unable to use int-jms:channel container-class option to define custom Message Listener class
  • [INT-2415] - JMX Tests Broken with InstanceAlreadyExists Exceptions
  • [INT-2420] - spring-integration-mongodb version on Import-Package
  • [INT-2423] - remove 'keep-released-messages' attribute (for the aggregator and resequencer) from the xsd.
  • [INT-2427] - AMQP Outbound Adapters/Gateways Report the Inverse Type
  • [INT-2434] - Duplicated channels when referencing before declaration
  • [INT-2439] - PollerParser doesn't add into adviceChain customBeanDefinition in the configureAdviceChain
  • [INT-2442] - sftp authentication with username and password not working.
  • [INT-2445] - Setting 'mapped-request-headers' or 'mapped-reply-headers' of 'ws:inbound-gateway' results in bean instantiation exception
  • [INT-2446] - Twitter Search Inbound Channel Adapter Does not allow Unauthorized Operations
  • [INT-2449] - handlerCount is not decremented on unsubscribe
  • [INT-2465] - FileWritingMessageHandlerFactoryBean Sets Temporary Suffix to null
  • [INT-2468] - DocBook <ulink/> PDF Problems
  • [INT-2475] - Message payload/response isn't extracted correctly
  • [INT-2476] - ftp outbound gateway fails on files with spaces
  • [INT-2478] - in an Aggregator, the sequence info has an effect even when a release-strategy alternative is provided
  • [INT-2479] - in MongoDbMessageStore UIID headers should be converted to String on write (and vice-versa upon read)
  • [INT-2482] - Missing Null/NotEmpty Check when setting the TemporaryFileSuffix
  • [INT-2484] - FileWritingMessageHandler - temporaryFileSuffix is set to Null by default
  • [INT-2496] - Fix Gemfire schema documentation that references 'file'
  • [INT-2502] - Race Condition in Aggregator

New Feature

  • [INT-2492] - Add mget to (S)FtpOutboundGateway


  • [INT-2393] - Update build.gradle to use the Sonar Gradle plugin
  • [INT-2425] - Poller: Document the Ability to Change Polling Rate at Runtime
  • [INT-2428] - Document the new '*expression' attributes for FTP/SFTP adapters
  • [INT-2429] - Document post-processing hooks available in AbstractFtpSessionFactory
  • [INT-2430] - Improve Polling Consumer Documentation
  • [INT-2443] - Document using the "path" attribute with HTTP inbound adapters
  • [INT-2450] - Change from request-timeout to reply-timeout in HttpOutboundGateway is not reflected in the SI reference guide
  • [INT-2461] - Document Timeout Attributes in XML Schema for HTTP Components


  • [INT-2156] - logging-channel-adapter: Attribute log-full-message should support Content Assist in STS
  • [INT-2408] - Automatically Add Spring Project Nature with ./gradlew eclipse
  • [INT-2410] - IdGeneratorConfigurer causes 'Context initialization failed' if any bean in the application context is declared falty
  • [INT-2418] - Improve Documentation About TCP Connection Factory pool-size When using-nio="true"
  • [INT-2431] - Add channel name to "Dispatcher has no subscribers message"
  • [INT-2451] - Content enricher is not able to access bean resolver
  • [INT-2458] - Document "path" Attribute of HTTP Inbound Gateway in XSD Schema
  • [INT-2471] - Improve Runtime of JMS and JDBC Tests
  • [INT-2477] - Allow for the ControlEncoding to be set via the AbstractFtpSessionFactory
  • [INT-2489] - Provide a way to suppress the creation of a temporary file in the ftp outbound gateway
  • [INT-2490] - Update documentation on (s)ftp outbound channel adapter

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