Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2 M3 - HTML format


  • [INT-2147] - File Based inbound adapters should have provision for post process commands such as move, copy, rename & delete operations on source file once it is processed .
  • [INT-2597] - Fix the static port in the HttpOutboundGatewayWithMethodExpression test once INT-2564 is addressed
  • [INT-2606] - Add pseudo-transaction support for POP3 Integration


  • [INT-2441] - Fix HTTP documentation - Broken link at section 15.2 "see ??? for further details"
  • [INT-2454] - docs don't mention the need to add amqp_ prefix to headers in order to have DefaultAmqpHeaderMapper add it to the message
  • [INT-2518] - Resequencer With Custom Comparator Does Not Release Properly
  • [INT-2594] - ExpressionEvaluatingCorrelationStrategy is not BF aware so any correlation-strategy-expression that begins with @bean will fail
  • [INT-2596] - <int-jmx:mbean-exporter...> doesn't exist in XSD v2.1
  • [INT-2610] - Can't use payload-expression that's a Map when the Map's key is not a String.
  • [INT-2613] - Can't use gateway's method parameter as Map and 'payload-expression' together
  • [INT-2616] - Schema Typo s/hostory/history/
  • [INT-2621] - FileOutboundChannelAdapterIntegrationTests does not pass on Windows
  • [INT-2630] - Unable to convert MessageHistory, MessageHeaders via bundled converters.
  • [INT-2636] - GatewayProxyFactoryBean Annotation overwrite properties
  • [INT-2640] - DelayerHandlerRescheduleIntegrationTests Fails on OSX
  • [INT-2641] - Fix Javadoc Warnings
  • [INT-2647] - spring-tx is no Longer Optional

New Feature

  • [INT-805] - dynamically create directories with file:outbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-1929] - Add feature to allow users to provide they own initial search terms in IMAP adapter
  • [INT-2289] - UPDATE be optional for a JDBC outbound-gateway


  • [INT-2521] - Missing documentation of "enableDaemonThread" property of the SFTP session factory
  • [INT-2583] - S I Reference Copyright Needs Update
  • [INT-2593] - Upgrade Spring Integration WS to Spring WS 2.1.0
  • [INT-2604] - Remove Deprecated TCP Header
  • [INT-2618] - File Adapter - Document directory-expression attribute in Reference Manual
  • [INT-2623] - Document delayer's changes from Spring Integration 2.2


  • [INT-1029] - Add support to use any <outbound-gateway> inside the <chain>
  • [INT-1132] - Support rescheduling of release tasks for a persistent MessageStore-backed DelayHandler upon restart
  • [INT-1141] - Avoid Handler List cloning when delivering messages.
  • [INT-1759] - Add SpEL support to map the expected-response from ResponseEntity to HTTP outbound gateway
  • [INT-2263] - Select and Implement New Atrtibute Reflecting Remote Server Response Timeout (for Outbound Gateways)
  • [INT-2264] - TCP Outbound Gateway - Reconcile reply-timeout with INT-2262 and INT-2263
  • [INT-2290] - Document all XML Top-Level Elements in XSD
  • [INT-2459] - Tcp Client ConnectionFactory Failover
  • [INT-2470] - in the file outbound-channel-adapter, add the ability to append to a file if the filename given already exists
  • [INT-2515] - Additional Orderly Shutdown Behavior
  • [INT-2516] - Reject Inappropriate request-payload-type Attribute on Http Inbound Endpoint
  • [INT-2523] - Add priority support for int-jms:channel
  • [INT-2564] - Move SocketTestUtils.findAvailableServerSocket to Spring Integration Test Module
  • [INT-2575] - Unnecessary String Replace on Every JDBC Call
  • [INT-2605] - Add SmartLifecycle support for MessageHandlerChain
  • [INT-2607] - Come up with 'unique bean name' logic when components are defined inside the <chain> and register their own additional beans, e.g. 'JpaExecutor' in the 'RetrievingJpaOutboundGatewayParser'
  • [INT-2622] - Add support for Control Bus & JMX to DelayerHandler to allow control rescheduling at runtime
  • [INT-2627] - Refactor LoadBalancingStrategy and its RoundRobinLoadBalancingStrategy implementation
  • [INT-2635] - TCP: Use receiveBufferSize to Size the Piped Streams for NIO


  • [INT-1760] - Consider changing default response type from HttpStatus to ResponseEntity on HTTP outbound gateway
  • [INT-2514] - Remove redundant cast in AutoCreateCandidatesCollector
  • [INT-2546] - Move method PollerParser.configureTransactionAttributes to IntegrationNamespaceUtils
  • [INT-2590] - Move 'ServerUtils' from Spring Integration Samples (multiplex) to TCP Module
  • [INT-2631] - Remove from 'GroovyControlBusFactoryBean.ManagedBeansBinding#getVariable()' logic about BeanDefinition


  • [INT-2444] - Chapter 7.1.3 Polling Consumer - Java TX Configuration Example for Consumer is incorrect
  • [INT-2540] - Class AbstractJmsChannel is really not abstract

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