Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2 RC2 - HTML format


  • [INT-2579] - Convert to Use the Available Port Finder


  • [INT-2765] - Remove ChannelAdapter Annotation from Reference Docs
  • [INT-2770] - JPA Outbound Gateways aren't advised with <transactional/> when they are advised with <request-handler-advice-chain>
  • [INT-2773] - AmqpOutboundEndpoint doesn't allow to use default 'exchange' & 'routingKey' from RabbitTemplate
  • [INT-2774] - RedisStore outbound channel adapter does not allow 'channel' attribute
  • [INT-2775] - Incorrect read logic in the RedisCollectionPopulatingMessageHandler for ZSET_INCREMENT_SCORE header
  • [INT-2777] - TransactionSynchronization: bound Resource isn't unbound if 'transactionSynchronizationFactory' isn't configured
  • [INT-2778] - errorChannel queue with mongodb message store results in StackOverflowError
  • [INT-2781] - ErrorMessageSendingRecoverer should check 'lastThrowable' on NULL and skip his logic
  • [INT-2782] - spring-integration-core import wrong version of spring-retry in MANIFEST.MF

New Feature

  • [INT-1736] - Add support for YMSG Channel Adapters


  • [INT-2280] - fix intermittent failure in JdbcMessageStoreChannelTests
  • [INT-2753] - Add file to root
  • [INT-2764] - Add Mongo/Redis Adapters to whats_new.xml
  • [INT-2766] - Docbook ToC: Sections 31, 32, 33 Appear under V. Appendices
  • [INT-2767] - Remove Obsolete Test Config File
  • [INT-2779] - Upgrade MongoDb module to spring-data-mongo 1.1.1 RELEASE
  • [INT-2784] - upgrade spring-data-redis dependency to 1.0.2.RELEASE


  • [INT-2547] - StoredProcMessageHandler should produce error when procedure result isn't empty
  • [INT-2776] - Add Sender's UDP Port to Inbound Message Header to Facilitate Reply
  • [INT-2786] - XMPP - Allow Server to Generate the Resource String


  • [INT-2771] - AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler.RequestHandler has to be 'public'

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