Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2.2 - HTML format


  • [INT-2908] - Sporadic failure of PipelineNamedReplyQueuesJmsTests
  • [INT-2911] - Deserializers Should Log ERROR when maxMessageSize Exceeded.
  • [INT-2913] - IMAP Idle Tests Need to Stop Adapters
  • [INT-2922] - Concurrent Calls to SimpleTypeConverter.getDefaultEditor() in BeanFactoryTypeConverter are Not Safe
  • [INT-2931] - AbstractMessageRouter.getRequiredConversionService() is not thread-safe
  • [INT-2936] - TCP Binary DeSerializers Broken - Need to Mask High Bits to Zero.
  • [INT-2937] - Message Duplication in AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler
  • [INT-2945] - For StoredProcedure Inbound Channel Adapter the isFunction property is not set


  • [INT-2897] - Update Bundlor Ranges for 2.2.2
  • [INT-2950] - Update Spring AMQP to 1.1.4


  • [INT-2920] - Claim Check Out calls both MessageStore.getMessage and MessageStore.removeMessage when removing

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