Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2.4 - HTML format


  • [INT-2972] - FixedMethodFilter returns Collections.singletonList(this.method) which fails then in ReflectiveMethodResolver when sorting
  • [INT-2973] - Fix 2.2.x Build Against Spring 3.0.x
  • [INT-2980] - polling messages with jdbc message store can fetch messages from wrong QueueChannel
  • [INT-2991] - AbstractMailReceiver.class - - Mail Filter Expression - Not matched mails will NOT be discarded and flagged as seen.
  • [INT-2993] - JdbcChannelMessageStore thread safety issue with doPollForMessage and idCache
  • [INT-3011] - GroovyScriptFactory should use BeanClassLoader instead of default class loader
  • [INT-3022] - Spring-Integration-WS fails to read an empty SOAP Message
  • [INT-3031] - RmiOutboundGateway does not correctly check if the original outgoing message had an "errorChannel" header
  • [INT-3035] - ExponentialMovingAverageRate not using 'window' constructor argument
  • [INT-3037] - JdbcMessageStore getMessageGroup(Object) doesn't cater for expire-groups-upon-completion = false
  • [INT-3053] - Allow Specification of a TaskExector for JMS OB Gateway Reply Listener


  • [INT-3026] - Document header enrichment using a gateway
  • [INT-3056] - Update Bundlor Version Ranges for 2.2.4


  • [INT-2987] - MessageStore MySQL - Support Fractional Seconds
  • [INT-3050] - Update Twitter Module for Twitter 1.0 API retirement

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