Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 3.0 M3 - HTML format


  • [INT-3076] - Ensure Message conversion for MongoDbMessageStore in case of within payload
  • [INT-3078] - Ensure that Delayer works correctly with RedisMessageStore
  • [INT-3079] - Ensure that Delayer works correctly with GemfireMessageStore
  • [INT-3080] - RedisStoreMessageSource throws Exception when not configured with RedisTemplate
  • [INT-3084] - Fix Failing Tests After Update to SDR 1.0.5


  • [INT-2602] - Gemfire Inbound adapter's SpEL evaluation context is not BeanFactory aware
  • [INT-2822] - Add 'requires-reply' attribute to gateways XSDs, e.g. <jdbc:outbound-gateway>
  • [INT-2901] - Mail Header Enricher Attributes are Now Child Elements - Documentation Needs Update
  • [INT-2993] - JdbcChannelMessageStore thread safety issue with doPollForMessage and idCache
  • [INT-2995] - If-Modified-Since is formatted date string but DefaultHttpHeaderMapper is handling it as long value and causes NumberFormatException
  • [INT-3031] - RmiOutboundGateway does not correctly check if the original outgoing message had an "errorChannel" header
  • [INT-3035] - ExponentialMovingAverageRate not using 'window' constructor argument
  • [INT-3037] - JdbcMessageStore getMessageGroup(Object) doesn't cater for expire-groups-upon-completion = false
  • [INT-3053] - Allow Specification of a TaskExector for JMS OB Gateway Reply Listener
  • [INT-3054] - Make HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler more lenient on extra declared uri variables
  • [INT-3063] - HTTP gateway response fails with non-standard expires header
  • [INT-3066] - Possible NPE In JMS OB Gateway ReplyListener During Connection Recovery
  • [INT-3070] - MongoDbMessageStore cannot read delayed messages
  • [INT-3087] - MongoDb message store deleting messages from wrong group
  • [INT-3089] - IGNORE mode outbound-channel-adapter should also check for '.writing' files
  • [INT-3094] - Fix Class/Package Tangles (json<=>transformer) Introduced by INT-2831
  • [INT-3103] - " SocketException:Connection reset " doesn't throw any exeption
  • [INT-3106] - Suppress Bogus Advice Warnings
  • [INT-3107] - Embedded Syslog TCP Connection Factory Doesn't get an ApplicationEventPublisher
  • [INT-3108] - <service-activator> hasn't got 'requires-reply' attribute within <chain>
  • [INT-3109] - Make UriVariableTests work offline
  • [INT-3110] - Message Bus Broken with SF 3.2.3
  • [INT-3111] - Cached Client Timeout Returns Connection to Pool Instead of Closing
  • [INT-3112] - (S)FTP Session Cache OOM
  • [INT-3114] - Invoke MessageHandlers Directly
  • [INT-3123] - TCP Do Not Propagate Failover Close Notifications

New Feature

  • [INT-1807] - Add Support to TCP Endpoints to Send/Receive Entire Message
  • [INT-3099] - imap-idle-channel-adapter : is there any possibility to add a new feature in imap-idle-channel-adapter to throw an exception/error ,if re-connection is not happned before (mail.imaps.timeout) given timeperiod
  • [INT-3124] - JMX TreePollingMessageSource should produce a filterable subset of the available MBean tree
  • [INT-3125] - Endpoints inside a Chain are not published in JMX using their id attribute


  • [INT-2917] - Doc: Add "Requirements" Chapter to "Preface" Section
  • [INT-2990] - Remove System.Outs in PipelineJmsTests
  • [INT-3061] - Update Reference Copyright to GoPivotal and Add 2013
  • [INT-3082] - Remove Deprecated "cache-sessions" Attribute in (S)FTP
  • [INT-3083] - Update Spring Data Redis to 1.0.5
  • [INT-3086] - Update Spring-AMQP to 1.2.0.RELEASE
  • [INT-3090] - Document Semantics of FileExistsMode.IGNORE
  • [INT-3095] - Remove DOS Newlines from AbstractSimpleMessageHandlerFactoryBean
  • [INT-3102] - Document that DirectoryScanners Must Be Prototype Beans
  • [INT-3119] - Add Docs and What's New for SpEL Customization
  • [INT-3127] - Add migration guide entry for INT-2912
  • [INT-3128] - Doc - Remove old SpringSource logo
  • [INT-3131] - Ensure SI 3.0 build with Spring Framework 4.0


  • [INT-1460] - setTaskExecutor attribute for message-driven-channel-adapter
  • [INT-1639] - Provide hook for registering custom SpEL functions with StandardEvaluationContext used by SI
  • [INT-2243] - Add expression support to <delayer>
  • [INT-2865] - Stored Proc: add support for SqlReturnType 'ref' and 'typeName' to OUT-<sql-parameter-definition>
  • [INT-2994] - Extend Service Activator annotation to support advice chain.
  • [INT-3030] - RMI XML schema: <inbound-gateway> should allow attribute "errorChannel"
  • [INT-3048] - ImapIdleChannelAdapter does not send errors to default error channel if it is not set explicit in adapter configuration
  • [INT-3049] - DelayedMessageWrapper should be public in order to access the wrapped message from infrastructure code
  • [INT-3050] - Update Twitter Module for Twitter 1.0 API retirement
  • [INT-3051] - Scripting support should auto-detect language by file extension
  • [INT-3067] - xslt-transformer should return correct 'text' result for <xsl:output method="text">
  • [INT-3096] - How to configure FailoverClientConnectionFactory with CachingClientConnectionFactory
  • [INT-3105] - Add 'task-executor' attribute to int-jms:message-driven-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3115] - Add Ability to Customize the SpEL Evaluation Contexts Used Throughout the Framework
  • [INT-3132] - MessagingTemplate and Pub/Sub Channels


  • [INT-2721] - Failed tests on slow machine


  • [INT-3122] - Create JsonPropertyAccessor

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