Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 2.2.6 - HTML format


  • [INT-3091] - File removed before SFTP gets to it; MessageDeliveryException, FileNotFoundException
  • [INT-3098] - TCPNIOConnection always report EOFException as Error
  • [INT-3144] - JMX Test Failures
  • [INT-3146] - Tcp connection pool is not working after 1 minute
  • [INT-3153] - Cannot read header "sequenceDetails" (or other lists) from MongoDbMessageStore
  • [INT-3161] - auto-startup flag is ignored if set to false in event:inbound adapter
  • [INT-3162] - Make AbstractScriptExecutor as thread-safe
  • [INT-3163] - Tcp Pool Connection Not Returned to Pool After Error on Write
  • [INT-3164] - JSR223 Scripts don't care about 'refresh'
  • [INT-3171] - Increase waiting timeouts for Aggregator tests


  • [INT-3074] - Make gradle task 'generateSql' OS independent
  • [INT-3134] - Update Bundlor Ranges for 2.2.6
  • [INT-3151] - Backport: Make UriVariableTests work offline


  • [INT-3152] - Skip Long Running Tests on Normal Builds


  • [INT-3138] - Delayer integration tests fail from time to time - probably a timing problem

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