Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 3.0 GA - HTML format


  • [INT-3220] - Fix Bad Link in Twitter Chapter
  • [INT-3224] - XML configuration for DB backed channel is invalid
  • [INT-3227] - Race Condition in MessagingTemplate.TemporaryReplyChannel
  • [INT-3231] - Fix FileTailingMessageProducer for Spring 3.1.x compatibility

New Feature

  • [INT-882] - Extend GatewayProxyFactoryBean to allow mapping of method name to Header value and to create a Map of method parameters


  • [INT-3148] - Doc: Add dedicated MetadataStore Chapter
  • [INT-3149] - Final Cleanup of the What's New Section
  • [INT-3219] - Document the Spring Retry Exception Classification
  • [INT-3221] - Deprecate MessageTransformingChannelInterceptor


  • [INT-970] - FtpInboundSynchronizer
  • [INT-2181] - Add top level header expression to gateway
  • [INT-2447] - @beanname resolution not working for xslt-payload-transformer params
  • [INT-2525] - DefaultHttpHeaderMapper and "Connection" header.
  • [INT-2709] - Add a MessageStore to the inbound file adapter so that state of processed files can life beyond the lifetime of the application
  • [INT-3043] - Documentation enhancement - index of gateways / adapters
  • [INT-3223] - Tail Adapter - Don't Force Apache if end=false
  • [INT-3230] - Expose load balancer as a 'ref' on channel
  • [INT-3235] - Make GlobalMethodMetadata Public


  • [INT-3228] - Get rid of depreciations from previous versions


  • [INT-3232] - RedisQueueMessageDrivenEnpoint logs stacktrace on shutdown
  • [INT-3233] - TcpNioServerConnectionFactory: change selector.wakeup() to selector.close() to allow to close server sockets properly

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