Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.0 GA - HTML format


  • [INT-3071] - Documentation wrong for 12.File support Integration adapters

New Feature

  • [INT-1035] - Add ability to scan for stereotyped interfaces such as @Gateway and create proxies automatically
  • [INT-1956] - Emit an ApplicationEvent When Bad Input Data is Received in TCP connection
  • [INT-3380] - Add support for @BridgeFrom and @BridgeTo MessageChannel @Bean level annotations for @Configuration classes
  • [INT-3381] - Allow to configure Messaging Annotations (@ServiceActivator, @InboundChannelAdapter etc.) on @Bean method level for MessagaSource<?>, MessageHandler components (e.g. FileReadingMessageSource)


  • [INT-2076] - Clarify the Relationship Between Remote File Filters and Local File Filters
  • [INT-2464] - add examples of using @Payload and XML equivalent for Gateway methods
  • [INT-2974] - Provide Clear Documentation about Context Lifecycle and Messaging
  • [INT-3311] - Upgrade to Spring Social 1.1.0.RELEASE, AspectJ 1.8.0
  • [INT-3357] - Update Endpoint Quick Reference
  • [INT-3375] - Document the meta-annotation ability for Messaging Annotations
  • [INT-3377] - Update spring-* Dependencies
  • [INT-3379] - Allow PropertyPlaceHolder for AMQP Inbound Channel Adapter 'acknowledge-mode'
  • [INT-3391] - Increase Timeout in GemFire testQueue Test Case
  • [INT-3392] - Fix New Package Tangle
  • [INT-3393] - Remove Boot Support (Move to Boot)
  • [INT-3395] - Restore MessagingTemplate ctor


  • [INT-2586] - Expose Timeout Properties on DefaultFtpSessionFactory
  • [INT-2879] - Add 'id-expression' attribute along with 'entity-class' into <jpa:retrieving-outbound-gateway/> to use JpaOperations#find()
  • [INT-3065] - Refactoring for StatusUpdatingMessageHandler to use TimelineOperations.updateStatus(TweetData tweetData)
  • [INT-3372] - Several Components do not Implement NamedComponent.getComponentType() (Phase II)
  • [INT-3376] - Merge Messaging Meta-Annotation Attributes
  • [INT-3378] - Update to Spring AMQP 1.3.2
  • [INT-3382] - Allow Easier Aggregator Customization
  • [INT-3385] - Support MANUAL Ack Mode in AMQP Inbound Adapter
  • [INT-3389] - Explain the #root Object for GemFire i-c-a.

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