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  • [INT-3200] - DefaultSFTPSessionFactory does not support using a ByteArrayResource for the PrivateKey
  • [INT-3238] - Delete the FTP Local .writing file when exception throws in AbstractRemoteFileOutboundGateway
  • [INT-3415] - Missing apply-sequence option on xpath-splitter
  • [INT-3417] - Fix Documentation References to MessageHeaders
  • [INT-3431] - RecipientListRouter doesn't invoke super.onInit()
  • [INT-3433] - INT-3410 Incomplete Fix
  • [INT-3445] - NullPointerException from PublisherRegistrar
  • [INT-3453] - NIO Assembler Thread is Sometimes Not Released to Thread Pool Between Messages
  • [INT-3462] - <int-sftp:outbound-gateway> doesn't allow to configure <poller>
  • [INT-3464] - AbstractInboundFileSynchronizer can skip remote files if copy fails after accept filter
  • [INT-3469] - Set MQTT Callback Before Subscribing
  • [INT-3473] - Get Exception when destroying an XD syslog-tcp source i.e. int-syslog:inbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3480] - DefaultPahoMessageConverter.setPayloadAsBytes is protected
  • [INT-3483] - Potential Deadlock in the AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3495] - FileTailInboundChannelAdapterFactoryBean doesn't provide "errorChannel" option
  • [INT-3499] - Ignore AMQP Publisher Confirms When No Correlation Data
  • [INT-3501] - IMAP Idle Channel Adapter is Incorrectly Opening a Second Session
  • [INT-3503] - JsonPropertyAccessor.ToStringFriendlyJsonNode should delegate equals/hashCode
  • [INT-3508] - http-outbound-gateway sets wrong content-type header
  • [INT-3509] - DefaultXmlPayloadConverter should support conversion from a DOMSource to a Document
  • [INT-3510] - Message store script error using PostgreSQL (relation "int_message_seq" does not exist)

New Feature

  • [INT-2856] - Add support for adding/removing individual recipients to the RecipientListRouter
  • [INT-3430] - Open connection to broker on startup for producers
  • [INT-3437] - MQTT Add Support for Multiple Brokers
  • [INT-3477] - Add Reactor's Promise<?> Gateway's return type support


  • [INT-3370] - Investigate Implementating a Boon JsonObjectMapper
  • [INT-3418] - Prepare 'master' branch for 4.1.0 version
  • [INT-3443] - Update links to Pro Git book in the
  • [INT-3444] - Add Missing Property (ies) to Amqp Endpoints in Reference Docs
  • [INT-3448] - Gateway proxy for @Async method throws NullPointerException
  • [INT-3461] - Ensure compatibility with "com.rometools:rome:1.5.0", which is used from Spring Framework 4.1
  • [INT-3470] - Spring Framework 4.1 compatibility #2


  • [INT-651] - support Iterator for splitters
  • [INT-2474] - MessagingGatewaySupport logging upon Exception at warn level
  • [INT-2634] - Annotation based method-to-message mapping is inconsistent with XML based mapping
  • [INT-2791] - AMQP Backed Channels Are Transacted by Default
  • [INT-2836] - Aggregator's send-timeout attribute needs better documentation
  • [INT-2966] - Provide 'queue-ref' attribute to the 'amqp:channel'
  • [INT-3104] - Add auto-start attribute to Gemfire Adapters
  • [INT-3369] - syslog DefaultMessageConverter needs option to only put the MESSAGE in the payload
  • [INT-3383] - Update Smack to 4.0 in spring-integration-xmpp
  • [INT-3384] - Rework JMS/XML Module XSD Enumerations
  • [INT-3402] - Consider lazy resolving of MessageChannels for Integration components from Lifecycle start(), not afterPropertiesSet()
  • [INT-3412] - FTP outbound adapter APPEND command support
  • [INT-3420] - Allow Aggregator complete groups based on timeout
  • [INT-3422] - ChannelInterceptorAware - Support Removal of an Individual Interceptor
  • [INT-3426] - Ensure that all <outbound-channel-adapter>s are configurable with <request-handler-advice-chain>
  • [INT-3427] - Consider provide out-of-the-box Converter<ToStringFriendlyJsonNode, String> and use it by default
  • [INT-3428] - Future return value is wrapped in another Future
  • [INT-3429] - Disallow confirm-n?ack-channel When no confirm-correlation-expression
  • [INT-3434] - The PointToPointSubscribableAmqpChannel should not declare Queue, if "queueName" is provided
  • [INT-3436] - MQTT Abstraction Leak
  • [INT-3442] - Block RedisQueueMessageDrivenEndpoint doStop() Until Stopped (or Timeout)
  • [INT-3446] - MongoDbMessageStore unable to load data after migration to 4.0
  • [INT-3447] - Add a status-code-expression attribute to an http inbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3449] - AbstractConnectionFactory: expose "read-delay" attribute to the XML support
  • [INT-3451] - Expose AMQP Listener Container 'missing-queue-fatal' Attribute on Inbound Endpoints And Message-Driven Channel
  • [INT-3452] - HTTP Documentation 'expected-response-type' is Required
  • [INT-3455] - Orderly Shutdown Improvements
  • [INT-3460] - Support output-channel when an AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler is 'ref'd by a Service Activator
  • [INT-3463] - Add 'encode-uri' option for the <ws:outbound-gateway>
  • [INT-3465] - Content Enricher Improvements
  • [INT-3467] - Dynamically add / remove a single or multiple topics to an MQTT inbound adapter after it has started
  • [INT-3468] - Implement support for the async Paho client in the MQTT adapter
  • [INT-3471] - DefaultHeaderChannelRegistry Improvements
  • [INT-3474] - Suppress Stack Trace Log in MessagingMethodInvokerHelper
  • [INT-3478] - SftpPersistentAcceptOnceFileListFilter Should Use getFilename Instead of getLongname
  • [INT-3479] - Improve Circuit Breaker Exception Messages
  • [INT-3485] - Remove final Modifier AbstractEndpoint.stop(Runnable callback)
  • [INT-3486] - File Synchronizer - Suppress InterruptedException Stack Trace During Stop
  • [INT-3488] - HTTP Inbound Gateway headers not mapping Content-Disposition
  • [INT-3496] - JMX counters use AtomicInteger which is too small and rolls over, leading to inaccurate statistics
  • [INT-3506] - GatewayProxyFactory breaks when service method declaration returns a subclass of Future
  • [INT-3507] - Nagle's algorithm only applies to subsequent writes


  • [INT-3416] - SimpleMessageStore CopyOnGet Default "false"
  • [INT-3489] - Aggregator group-timeout Improvement
  • [INT-3492] - Deprecate @Payload and @Header and rely on similar annotations from the Spring Messaging
  • [INT-3504] - Deprecate AmqpHeaders in favor of the same class from Spring-AMQP


  • [INT-3404] - No one MessageSource<?> must not be MessageProducer. E.g. AbstractInboundFileSynchronizingMessageSource
  • [INT-3435] - Make JmsChannelFactoryBean more friendly for Java based configuration (e.g. cacheLevel option)
  • [INT-3458] - Provide compatibility with Spring Framework 4.1
  • [INT-3475] - Change the default "phase" of all inbound-channel-adapters to the Integer.MAX_VALUE

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