Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.1 RC1 - HTML format


  • [INT-3511] - Document the WebSockets support


  • [INT-3515] - Fix some WebSocket module issues
  • [INT-3522] - An expected-type error in spring-integration-mqtt-4.0.xsd on line:203.
  • [INT-3524] - Incorrect MessageChannel in 'expectedType' in Some Schema Definitions
  • [INT-3535] - JsonType of request overrides response type when using JMS inbound gateway in combination with json converters (jackson2)
  • [INT-3536] - After Long running email polling, socket closed exception thrown
  • [INT-3537] - FTP locks file if server not available

New Feature

  • [INT-267] - Add support for RoutingSlip
  • [INT-275] - Add Scatter-Gather pattern, and make it easy to configure
  • [INT-1196] - WebSocket adapters
  • [INT-2426] - Provide better support for Idempotent Receiver pattern
  • [INT-3520] - QueueChannel: change "queue" type from BlockingQueue to just the Queue to allow to inject any Queue implementation, e.g. Reactor's PersistentQueue


  • [INT-3512] - AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler Advice Chain with Group Timeout
  • [INT-3518] - Upgrade dependencies according SF 4.1 and IO 1.1


  • [INT-3341] - Request for a redis-queue-outbound-gateway or similar component
  • [INT-3500] - Consider to add "error-channel" to the <enricher>
  • [INT-3516] - Support JDK8 Optional<?> When Binding Messages to Service Methods
  • [INT-3519] - Add a "Skip Poll" Advice Class
  • [INT-3521] - AbstractMessageChannel: implement ChannelInterceptor#afterSendCompletion and #afterReceiveCompletion
  • [INT-3526] - Use Expanded URI in Http Outbound Exceptions


  • [INT-3528] - Use Collections min and max methods where appropriate


  • [INT-3527] - Improve STOMP WebSockets handling
  • [INT-3529] - Add `expire-groups-upon-timeout` to the <resequencer>

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