Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.0.4 - HTML format


  • [INT-3464] - AbstractInboundFileSynchronizer can skip remote files if copy fails after accept filter
  • [INT-3469] - Set MQTT Callback Before Subscribing
  • [INT-3473] - Get Exception when destroying an XD syslog-tcp source i.e. int-syslog:inbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3480] - DefaultPahoMessageConverter.setPayloadAsBytes is protected
  • [INT-3483] - Potential Deadlock in the AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3495] - FileTailInboundChannelAdapterFactoryBean doesn't provide "errorChannel" option
  • [INT-3499] - Ignore AMQP Publisher Confirms When No Correlation Data
  • [INT-3501] - IMAP Idle Channel Adapter is Incorrectly Opening a Second Session
  • [INT-3503] - JsonPropertyAccessor.ToStringFriendlyJsonNode should delegate equals/hashCode
  • [INT-3509] - DefaultXmlPayloadConverter should support conversion from a DOMSource to a Document
  • [INT-3510] - Message store script error using PostgreSQL (relation "int_message_seq" does not exist)


  • [INT-3470] - Spring Framework 4.1 compatibility #2


  • [INT-651] - support Iterator for splitters
  • [INT-3474] - Suppress Stack Trace Log in MessagingMethodInvokerHelper
  • [INT-3486] - File Synchronizer - Suppress InterruptedException Stack Trace During Stop
  • [INT-3496] - JMX counters use AtomicInteger which is too small and rolls over, leading to inaccurate statistics

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