Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.1 GA - HTML format


  • [INT-3472] - AbstractHeaderMapper - Allow Channel Headers to Pass if they are Strings
  • [INT-3539] - Rework ChannelSecurityInterceptorBeanPostProcessor to avoid eagerly load for beans
  • [INT-3543] - Fix tests do not close ApplicationContext between test methods
  • [INT-3546] - NPE in Mqtt Inbound CA stop()
  • [INT-3547] - AbstractEndpoint.stop(Runnable) No Longer Resets running
  • [INT-3548] - @Payloads Annotation Broken
  • [INT-3549] - Publisher Confirms Validation Code Does Not Handle a Proxied Null Channel
  • [INT-3555] - Header Mapper Maps replyChannel When not String


  • [INT-3531] - Update to SF 4.1.2 and Fix StubJavaMailSender (varargs)
  • [INT-3538] - Document Scatter-Gather, Routing Slip and Idempotent Receiver Support
  • [INT-3542] - inner beans aren't exported to application context
  • [INT-3556] - Use Converters that can convert to subtype of datatype channel
  • [INT-3557] - Predefined message headers do not match documentation


  • [INT-3540] - Add <scatter-gather> support within <chain>
  • [INT-3545] - Lazy Start the HeaderChannelRegistry
  • [INT-3550] - Make return of RoutingSlipRouteStrategy.getNextPath as Object to allow to get deal with MessageChannel not only their bean names
  • [INT-3551] - Add MetadataValueStrategy to allow to determine the value for MetadataStore, not only key
  • [INT-3554] - Add Expression setters to components where only String "expression" variants exist

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