Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.0.7 - HTML format


  • [INT-3590] - Fix Channel Mapping Documentation
  • [INT-3592] - (S)FTP Gateway CTOR Visibility
  • [INT-3598] - Disambiguate MQTT Constructors in the XML Parser
  • [INT-3604] - RedisLockRegistry may produce eternal lock on network blinking
  • [INT-3607] - Example in documentation for 7.1.4 Namespace Support - AOP Advice chains is invalid
  • [INT-3614] - extract-payload="false" is ignored by JMS inbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3652] - CachingClientConnectionFactory NPE
  • [INT-3667] - RedisLockRegistry memory leak and redundant expire time update
  • [INT-3669] - When Using a Specific Date Release, DelayHandler.reschedulePersistentMessage() Releases Messages Too Soon
  • [INT-3684] - OSDelegatingFileTailingMessageProducer does not recompute command if file is changed


  • [INT-3588] - Add Ctor to Set a Custom LockRegistry in the RedisLockRegistry
  • [INT-3620] - Add setShouldAppendNewLine(boolean shouldAppendNewLine) method to FileWritingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3646] - Publish aTcpServerConnectionExceptionEvent From Server Socket Errors
  • [INT-3690] - DefaultAmqpHeaderMapper should accept contentType headers containing org.springframework.util.MimeType

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