Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.1.3 - HTML format


  • [INT-3614] - extract-payload="false" is ignored by JMS inbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3634] - NPE in Header Channel Registry
  • [INT-3648] - @IdempotentReceiver Annotation Proxying Wrong Object
  • [INT-3650] - Explicitly Setting singleUse=false on the TCP CCCF Breaks the Cache
  • [INT-3652] - CachingClientConnectionFactory NPE
  • [INT-3656] - PreSend on Channel Log Missing
  • [INT-3667] - RedisLockRegistry memory leak and redundant expire time update
  • [INT-3669] - When Using a Specific Date Release, DelayHandler.reschedulePersistentMessage() Releases Messages Too Soon
  • [INT-3672] - @IdempotentReceiver annotation does not work with @Bean if the bean is a MessageHandler
  • [INT-3680] - Cannot conditionally configure a durable subscription with Spring JMS 4.1
  • [INT-3684] - OSDelegatingFileTailingMessageProducer does not recompute command if file is changed
  • [INT-3686] - WebSocket Inbound Channel Adapter doesn't work properly from Client side with STOMP support
  • [INT-3725] - Confusing Error message when using a bean inside of a inbound channel adapter



  • [INT-1882] - Unable to set my customized ChannelResolver on Aggregator
  • [INT-3601] - Use ChannelResolvers Instead of BeanFactory
  • [INT-3620] - Add setShouldAppendNewLine(boolean shouldAppendNewLine) method to FileWritingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3624] - IntegrationRegistrar should support newer version of JsonPath
  • [INT-3646] - Publish aTcpServerConnectionExceptionEvent From Server Socket Errors
  • [INT-3668] - Provide "late-binding" logic for channels to the GatewayProxyFactoryBean
  • [INT-3690] - DefaultAmqpHeaderMapper should accept contentType headers containing org.springframework.util.MimeType


  • [INT-3580] - Fix StompIntegrationTests#handleExceptionAndSendToUser() sporadic failures


  • [INT-3623] - Make MailSendingMessageHandler based on just more generic MailSender

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