Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.0.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [ROO-25] - Can't deploy application without persistence
  • [ROO-26] - Missing JSPs in application without controller
  • [ROO-48] - Java Parser fails if wildcards for generics are used
  • [ROO-49] - Invalid JavaBean code generation for generic type parameters
  • [ROO-50] - Data on demand generation throws NPE for target classes without fields.
  • [ROO-52] - Unable to retrieve org.codehaus.mojo:selenium-maven-plugin:pom:1.0-rc-2-SNAPSHOT
  • [ROO-53] - Generated date field validation doesn't properly take I18N into account
  • [ROO-54] - NoClassDefFoundError due to javax/annotation/PostConstruct when executing on Java 5
  • [ROO-55] - "add field string -regexp" does not escape backslashes
  • [ROO-56] - FieldName "from" causes exception
  • [ROO-57] - mvn test failure following tutorial on blog
  • [ROO-58] - Application without installing JPA gives error (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/persistence/PersistenceException)
  • [ROO-59] - Windows batch launch script fails if different drive letters used from project
  • [ROO-60] - Failure to create correct @javax.persistence.Column name attribute for non-clashing version field name
  • [ROO-61] - Failure to detect existing fields with clashing name when introducing identifier field
  • [ROO-63] - script clinic.roo stops with "Script execution aborted"
  • [ROO-64] - Annotations containing class attributes erroneously remain unqualified
  • [ROO-66] - Remove AspectJ Tools JAR from project template
  • [ROO-67] - Annotations pom.xml incompatible with "mvn site" command due to ampersand in name
  • [ROO-73] - Package declaration using causes error message
  • [ROO-74] - Install web flow command error
  • [ROO-78] - Support for array types in parser
  • [ROO-81] - generated code for one to many and many to one is wrong in create.jsp and update.jsp
  • [ROO-82] - Problem with the many to many relationship, script line is not closed correct
  • [ROO-83] - Integration test does not support entities which have timestamps as version
  • [ROO-84] - Stray control characters on Windows
  • [ROO-85] - Hitting return/enter on a textarea field triggers form submit
  • [ROO-86] - Annotation attributes initialized with arrays are not parsed correctly.
  • [ROO-87] - Roo generated error messages alignment and wrapping inconsistent
  • [ROO-88] - org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5InnoDBDialect and referenced entities makes "mvn test" fail
  • [ROO-93] - Need to fix alignment issues in JSP forms
  • [ROO-95] - Invalid package declaration for generated resources of classes in default package
  • [ROO-98] - Persistent class "Group" generates SQLGrammarException
  • [ROO-104] - Selenium add-on should report clear error message instead of NPE if web scaffold metadata is unavailable

New Feature

  • [ROO-92] - Support mock-based unit testing of Roo-provided static @Entity methods
  • [ROO-97] - Customization of an entity's version field through annotation


  • [ROO-102] - Complete 1.0.0.M2 release


  • [ROO-51] - Move commands out of JLine shell to allow usage from different shell implementations
  • [ROO-65] - Change Roo artifact IDs to standard form used by all recent Spring projects
  • [ROO-68] - Ensure POMs explicitly specify a Java version following 'create project' command
  • [ROO-71] - Enhance add-on robustness by preventing introduction of members already defined in target type/governor
  • [ROO-72] - Detect and prohibit reserved word usage
  • [ROO-77] - BeanInfoMetadata should provide pluralization support instead of EntityMetadata
  • [ROO-79] - Better toString
  • [ROO-80] - Does not detect and create proper field length for String fields based on @Column
  • [ROO-90] - Pluralization metadata to be available for fields
  • [ROO-94] - Present simple type names in ITDs to work around AspectJ # 280380
  • [ROO-99] - Tab completion not offering -sizeMax option
  • [ROO-100] - Carriage return 
 inserted into XML
  • [ROO-103] - Ensure exception description is always rendered when development is false

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