Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.0.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [ROO-96] - Two textareas which are decorated with dijit.form.SimpleTextarea in the same page will sumit as a single parameter for POST submits
  • [ROO-105] - NullPointerException in SecureRandom when using IBM JDK due to missing lib/ext dir
  • [ROO-106] - Unable to create project from petclinic sample script due to XPath exception
  • [ROO-113] - Cannot create project with top level package like (STS)
  • [ROO-114] - Roo does not roll back file system commits when an exception occurs
  • [ROO-116] - Cannot install finder for entity with similarly named fields
  • [ROO-118] - @RooEntity(version=false) doesn't work
  • [ROO-121] - Web content generation does not appear to work on mac os x.
  • [ROO-122] - @RooConfigurable produces errornous ITD for parameterized types
  • [ROO-123] - Generated controller finder method loses case on length() check for mixed case string fields
  • [ROO-124] - Roo does not clean up finder methods from UI navigation menu when removed from @RooEntity
  • [ROO-126] - Converting an entity to have a compound id still retains the 'show as a long' method in the controller
  • [ROO-134] - MS SQL driver class definition incorrect
  • [ROO-136] - WebFlow defined with -flowName when installing webflow - camel-cased name gets lowercased in navigation UI
  • [ROO-140] - Roo's configure email template does not set up dependencies
  • [ROO-141] - create project foo, followed by "mvn package" causes a build failure because there is no web.xml file
  • [ROO-142] - Problem with new controller automatic when you use the same Class Name
  • [ROO-143] - Two MultiSelect boxes which are decorated with dijit.form.MultiSelect in the same page will sumit as a single parameter for POST submits
  • [ROO-145] - Not all current types in java.lang correctly recognized by JavaParserUtils
  • [ROO-150] - Ubuntu 8.10 user: Cannot start Spring Roo
  • [ROO-153] - Delete object using openJPA
  • [ROO-154] - Modiying menu.jsp can cause roo controller creation/management to fail
  • [ROO-156] - Roo generated web app does not work correctly in tomcat and dm Server
  • [ROO-161] - Complex metadata dependency relationships behaving inconsistently between identical execution runs


  • [ROO-5] - Selenium Add-on: remove plugin repository for Codehaus snapshot repo required for maven-selenium-plugin
  • [ROO-107] - Switch from DriverManagerDataSource to DBCP BasicDataSource
  • [ROO-109] - Add static protected entityManager() method to all entities with introduced EntityManager field
  • [ROO-110] - Stop beep noise on Windows machines via Roo shell
  • [ROO-111] - It is better to avoid using @import to include css in JSP files generated by ROO
  • [ROO-112] - Test compatibilty of Roo applications in different application servers
  • [ROO-115] - 'install web flow' command requires prior generated Spring MVC artifacts
  • [ROO-117] - Add Windows batch file equivalent to roo-mvn for *nix platforms to allow easier development of Roo on Windows
  • [ROO-125] - Roo should ignore .svn/CVS folders for autocomplete
  • [ROO-127] - Default Error handlers
  • [ROO-128] - Use JSR-303 annotations to feed schema settings to JPA/Hibernate (for table creation)
  • [ROO-129] - JPA's @ManyToOne mapping fails when using Hibernate in conjunction with MySQL
  • [ROO-135] - Update UI when create, update or delete method is disabled via @RooWebScaffold
  • [ROO-137] - Built in support for JNDI data sources.
  • [ROO-144] - Development mode startup script enhancements
  • [ROO-148] - NotifiableFileMonitorService should allow notification of create, delete and rename operations
  • [ROO-149] - Finders for @ManyToOne
  • [ROO-151] - Enhance SQL in dynamic finders for LIKE statements
  • [ROO-155] - 'new persistent class jpa' command should be hidden if no persistence is installed yet
  • [ROO-160] - Provide additional thread information when shell is in development mode

New Feature

  • [ROO-11] - Configure DocBook and basic Maven site plugin in build
  • [ROO-138] - Integration of Roo with bundlor (install bundlor and associated commands)


  • [ROO-165] - Complete 1.0.0.RC1 release

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