Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.0.0.RC2 - HTML format


  • [ROO-224] - Hibernate Validator dependency on Java 6 causes exception in projects created by Roo on Java 5 machines


  • [ROO-89] - Roo+Hibernate+MySQL => Problem with UTF8 special chars
  • [ROO-162] - Parsing fails for types that are sub-subclasses of a type unknown to Roo
  • [ROO-171] - Incorrect help text for "new integration test" shell command
  • [ROO-172] - Misplaced tr and thead in List all... generated tables
  • [ROO-180] - BeanCreationException is thrown if the log level is not set to DEBUG in conjunction with Spring 3.0.0.M4
  • [ROO-181] - Spring Aspects library dependency on Spring Transactions causes projects without JPA entities to not build
  • [ROO-184] - Dropdown disappears after validation error
  • [ROO-185] - Maven failed to resolve artifact:
  • [ROO-186] - 'list finders for' command not working (ambigious command)
  • [ROO-187] - Inconsistency in external JPA implementation causes duplicate entry for key
  • [ROO-190] - Date fields does not allow null values
  • [ROO-192] - Very long startup times
  • [ROO-194] - Maps fields not supported by mvc plugin
  • [ROO-199] - @RooJavaBean creates getX/setX property methods instead of isX/setX for boolean fields
  • [ROO-203] - upper case member names are ignored in generated jsp files
  • [ROO-204] - datepicker semi-language dependent
  • [ROO-205] - JavaType.equals(Object) fails to take into account data type
  • [ROO-206] - DataOnDemand fails to properly support common primitive data types
  • [ROO-209] - NullPointerException in WebScaffoldMetadata
  • [ROO-211] - Hibernate validator is ignored during integration tests run from maven
  • [ROO-217] - JavaParserUtils incorrectly identifies methods returning "void" as being JavaType Void objects instead of JavaType void primitives
  • [ROO-219] - View does not maintain contents of set jpa relationship on update
  • [ROO-229] - Filters inserted into web.xml do not adhere to ordering requirements
  • [ROO-238] - JavaParserUtils.importTypeIfRequired(...) fails to handle primitive JavaType conversion
  • [ROO-240] - Reserved SQL name clash cannot be overridden by the new --column option
  • [ROO-242] - Integration tests fail when executed against OpenJPA due to flush timing and result list mutability
  • [ROO-244] - JavaParser metadata fails to correctly resolve package names if simple type names are part of java.lang

New Feature

  • [ROO-75] - Add integration with enum types
  • [ROO-182] - JPA Exception Translation should be made available as an optional feature
  • [ROO-183] - Allow for user-configured controller paths
  • [ROO-201] - Allow execution of common Maven commands via Roo shell without exiting
  • [ROO-212] - Create add-on to allow convenient project backups
  • [ROO-230] - Add support for shallow ETags in Roo generated Web applications
  • [ROO-257] - Automatically create DocBook index of Roo shell commands and their options


  • [ROO-258] - Perform 1.0.0.RC2 release


  • [ROO-101] - Better error message when no default domain class is selected
  • [ROO-108] - Add additional comments to generated application context to assist users understand how it works
  • [ROO-152] - Upgrade Spring Security add-on to use Spring Security 2.0.5
  • [ROO-164] - Test and change to new EBR versions for JSR 303 CR3 and Hibernate Validator 4.0.0.Beta2
  • [ROO-170] - Enhance metadata dependency diagnostic information
  • [ROO-174] - Enhance binding information in JavaType
  • [ROO-175] - AbstractInvocableMemberMetadata not protecting state of collections on construction
  • [ROO-177] - Provide import management within generated ITDs
  • [ROO-179] - Update Roo dependencies to latest versions
  • [ROO-188] - Detect and prohibit usage of "index" reserved SQL keyword
  • [ROO-195] - Roo continously taking 30% of CPU on larger project
  • [ROO-196] - Introduce simple XML Element builder to improve DOM generation tasks
  • [ROO-198] - Enhance metadata notification statistics to identify individual add-on contribution to startup and execution times
  • [ROO-202] - AbstractMethodMockingControl after aspects hides assertionFailederror
  • [ROO-210] - Dateformat conversion for free... as yyyy-MM-dd
  • [ROO-213] - Spring Roo core and its generated applications need update to Spring Framework 3.0.0.RC1
  • [ROO-214] - entityManager() method should also support abstract entity classes
  • [ROO-215] - Abstract entities should provide the typical four static persistence methods (findAll, findEntity, findEntityEntries, count)
  • [ROO-216] - Dynamic finders should use entityManager() method instead of manual acquisition of EntityManager
  • [ROO-218] - MemberFindingUtils to allow retrieval of all methods, including via superclass
  • [ROO-220] - Modify shell to require double-hyphen (--) command arguments and reject single-hyphen (-) arguments
  • [ROO-221] - Exception with OneToMany finder
  • [ROO-225] - Allow Roo commands to specify custom column and table names
  • [ROO-232] - Modification of Roo commands to enhance usability and consistency between add-ons
  • [ROO-234] - Permit primitives fields to be added via the Roo shell
  • [ROO-235] - Roo should prevent creation of integration test for abstract entities
  • [ROO-236] - Command to automatically create a controller for every entity in a project
  • [ROO-239] - Annotation scanning in applicationContext.xml can be simplified
  • [ROO-245] - Do not display a parse exception if user produced an unsupported Java source file
  • [ROO-249] - Provide a --transient option for fields inserted via the shell
  • [ROO-250] - Provide a --fetch option for fields inserted via the shell
  • [ROO-251] - Roo shell should not consume messages from earlier commands
  • [ROO-252] - roo startup script and roo-dev.bat should pass arguments
  • [ROO-253] - Web views need to be aware of enums

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