Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.0.1.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [ROO-501] - CLONE -Persistence setup options not taking effect
  • [ROO-508] - Creating an entity called 'Entity' results in compile error
  • [ROO-509] - POM missing in EBR for o.s.r.annotations
  • [ROO-512] - ROO managed applications are susceptible to XSS attacks
  • [ROO-517] - Shell treatment of // as an inline comment marker is too aggressive, breaking valid options like 'http://abcd'
  • [ROO-526] - Pluralization seems to not work for Enum types
  • [ROO-528] - persistence setup not setting the hibernate.dialect
  • [ROO-530] - Ovewriting toString() in entity deletes all *.aj
  • [ROO-533] - NullPointerException when setting versionField="" on @RooEntity
  • [ROO-534] - database URL being truncated
  • [ROO-535] - Compiler error on _Roo_Entity.aj when identifierType is a primitive
  • [ROO-536] - Generated entity unit tests don't work correctly with numerical data types smaller than int
  • [ROO-537] - Spelling errors in german messages properties file
  • [ROO-538] - Dashed (-) packaged name result in Entity creation problems
  • [ROO-539] - Console does not produce output on jdk 1.6.0_18
  • [ROO-540] - create.jspx and update.jspx missing fields from entity
  • [ROO-541] - Roo running jdk 1.6 update 18 can't display messages of green color.
  • [ROO-543] - Multiselect not getting fully selected on update
  • [ROO-547] - roo console doesn't
  • [ROO-548] - Plugins in pom.xml that are missing a groupId result in an error message
  • [ROO-552] - Adding field overwrites changes in *.jspx
  • [ROO-554] - Roo shell reporting spurious error "Method 'entityManager' on 'edu.drexel.goodwin.csri.domain.Researcher' must return 'javax.persistence.EntityManager'"
  • [ROO-559] - Doco error: incorrect explanation of sizeMax and sizeMin options for "field set" command
  • [ROO-560] - Doco error: unreplaced placeholder text "blah blah blah"
  • [ROO-562] - DataOnDemand doesn't work with non-null self-references
  • [ROO-563] - "finder list" only listing "NOT" option for boolean field

New Feature

  • [ROO-504] - Online browsable documentation
  • [ROO-544] - Update documentation to explain how to use the m2eclipse plugin with Roo projects


  • [ROO-564] - Release Spring Roo 1.0.1.RELEASE


  • [ROO-503] - Refer to AJDT weaving requirements
  • [ROO-506] - Make the user more aware of which commands are possible, but not currently available
  • [ROO-507] - spring roo 1.0 should use spring security 3.0 GA
  • [ROO-511] - ROO hint text needs to be updated to indicate can run tests within Roo shell via "perform tests". Hint says "exit" and then "mvn test"
  • [ROO-518] - Polling file monitor messages continue indefinitely after a monitored directory is deleted
  • [ROO-520] - Hibernate Validator dependency on Java 6 (ROO-224) documentation
  • [ROO-525] - Docs: explain WTP not present in Eclipse imports if no controllers yet installed
  • [ROO-527] - Consider TABs to be whitespace while running scripts
  • [ROO-531] - javadoc for roo annotations
  • [ROO-542] - Provide option to generate jsp's instead of jspx
  • [ROO-550] - Add List of Roo Options to Documentation
  • [ROO-553] - create.jspx and update.jspx voilates DRY
  • [ROO-556] - Add 'number' to the fieldname reserved words list for Oracle
  • [ROO-557] - PluralMetadata should be obtainable for any Java type
  • [ROO-565] - Enhance generated web site to include extra reports

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