Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.0.2.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [ROO-653] - "--cardinality" is added to "field reference" command but options may be wrong


  • [ROO-69] - [external] Bug in external JLine library inhibits backspace to previous line in Roo shell
  • [ROO-439] - [external] Bug in external JLine library fails to handle extended characters on Windows (eg çàéèòùâêîôûäëïöü)
  • [ROO-502] - [external] Bug in Spring namespace handler causes Roo wedding RSVP app to show 1 error and 71 warnings in STS
  • [ROO-567] - Revision 602 build Error!
  • [ROO-568] - DataOnDemand for OneToOne relationships should be more robust
  • [ROO-570] - Outdated DTD on Tiles configuration files
  • [ROO-571] - Webflow integration does not work for secured flows - version incompatibility
  • [ROO-574] - Flawed persistence when using Hypersonic
  • [ROO-575] - Tab expansion fails for "script --file" if using ~ in the path name
  • [ROO-576] - Restore handling of imports in generated .java types
  • [ROO-578] - Incorrect help text for "finder add" command when invalid finder name entered
  • [ROO-579] - Login immediately after logout displays incorrect view
  • [ROO-586] - misplaced spanish messages
  • [ROO-587] - erroneously uses quit keyword instead of exit keyword
  • [ROO-588] - 1.5. First Steps: 'cannot perform test'
  • [ROO-589] - Setting method names to blank on @RooEntity does not prevent those methods from being generated
  • [ROO-596] - Wrong dependency to org.springframework.roo.annotations in pom.xml
  • [ROO-602] - Resource bundles shouldn't use HTML when output is escaped
  • [ROO-615] - Incorrect elementId in finder view for multi-word fields
  • [ROO-618] - AutoPopulationUtils fails to set @AutoPopulate fields with array value unless input annotation in array form
  • [ROO-619] - @RooJavaBean does not allow for final fields when settersByDefault is set to false
  • [ROO-628] - Update results in Create
  • [ROO-630] - Removing an entity did not remove the scaffolding controller and entity views
  • [ROO-633] - date finder: wrong date format
  • [ROO-637] - Docs: Roo shell from STS is cmd-R
  • [ROO-638] - Docs. Typo page 39.
  • [ROO-640] - mistype in roo documentation: "start with the m:n (one Pizza...." should be "start with the m:m (one Pizza..."
  • [ROO-642] - Docs missing from
  • [ROO-643] - Docs missing in 1.0.2 release zip

New Feature

  • [ROO-603] - Add support for DB2 databases
  • [ROO-632] - Add file upload browser


  • [ROO-600] - Update copyright year to 2010
  • [ROO-641] - Release Spring Roo 1.0.2.RELEASE


  • [ROO-566] - Improve documentation of ~ and 'project'
  • [ROO-569] - Add --cardinality to "field reference" command
  • [ROO-573] - improve error message if specified target type for field set and field reference command does not exist
  • [ROO-580] - Make generated finders case-insensitive
  • [ROO-582] - <font> element should not be used (in security addon's login page)
  • [ROO-592] - IN_MEMORY database support should utilize Spring 3 <jdbc:embedded-database> feature
  • [ROO-604] - Review for ideas
  • [ROO-609] - Enable JPA lazy-loading within Spring Security classes
  • [ROO-616] - FileManager should have a readFile method
  • [ROO-617] - Support JTDS as Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver
  • [ROO-620] - Introduce @RooProperty or @Getter/@Setter for use on fields to provide more flexibility on a field by field basis
  • [ROO-623] - Change entities' findBlah(id) method to accept null ids
  • [ROO-626] - ITDs should avoid superflous whitespace after end of each generated line
  • [ROO-627] - Docs: explain how to stop database dropping at each restart

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