Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.2.4.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [ROO-3101] - Init methods in DataOnDemand do not honour quantity attribute when loading existing entities
  • [ROO-3338] - Compilation errors using web jsf setup and java 1.6
  • [ROO-3340] - Entity import definition loses the static modifier when a field is added
  • [ROO-3341] - Bad entity changes after field is added
  • [ROO-3343] - Incorrect java types are displayed for the --extends option
  • [ROO-3350] - RooBot xml does not work again
  • [ROO-3352] - setAcceptableValues(Collection collection) method is still added to EditViews when field is marked read-only in proxies.
  • [ROO-3355] - can't install cloud foundry addon
  • [ROO-3357] - ROO-633 fix does not work
  • [ROO-3366] - dbcp jar dependence issue on roo generate project
  • [ROO-3370] - ElementsToRemove that are not in existingHoldingElements
  • [ROO-3371] - Annotations added to entities are also added to proxy methods
  • [ROO-3374] - addon list shows only one bundle
  • [ROO-3386] - Method signature changed on RE Entity
  • [ROO-3390] - Invalid command "service" on pizzashop script
  • [ROO-3393] - Datetime input is incorrect when you use pattern style "S-". It confuses year 2033 with 1933, etc.
  • [ROO-3405] - Authenticated access urls, excepts login, when security applied
  • [ROO-3422] - Manipulating entities using the shell alters user-defined annotations

New Feature

  • [ROO-3106] - Spring Roo doesn't support new Java 7 language features


  • [ROO-3137] - Update "First Project - Roo Standalone" example on Spring Roo homepage
  • [ROO-3336] - Remove Cglib dependency from the generated project pom.xml
  • [ROO-3337] - Updated the Spring js version to the latest 2.3.1.RELEASE
  • [ROO-3421] - Release Spring Roo 1.2.4.RELEASE


  • [ROO-546] - Comments on field types specified with '--comment' are not utilizied
  • [ROO-635] - Roo deletes non-JavaDoc comments when adding entity fields
  • [ROO-994] - Add an --implements keyword to the class command
  • [ROO-2988] - TypeLocationServiceImpl#getPhysicalTypeIdentifier(JavaType) should not create dependencies
  • [ROO-3100] - Improve ParseException logging
  • [ROO-3178] - If a user adds a field to an unmanaged edit view, do not add it to the managed edit view.
  • [ROO-3179] - Better organize the scaffolded views in a GWT application
  • [ROO-3199] - Broken link (to in Roo docs
  • [ROO-3204] - Use existing renderers in mobile list views rather than defining new ones
  • [ROO-3206] - DataOnDemand_Roo_DataOnDemand init() has poor messaging for ConstraintViolationException
  • [ROO-3208] - setEntityPickerValues method not being added to View interface in EditActivityWrapper
  • [ROO-3211] - Modify the inheritance chain of activities and views in order to increase flexibility.
  • [ROO-3230] - Add method level security to Spring Roo services
  • [ROO-3232] - Parse error should report file name
  • [ROO-3244] - DBRE: Option to generate Repository and Service layers
  • [ROO-3267] - Database reverse engineer hiberntate validate only when include non portable attributes
  • [ROO-3311] - Provide option for Spring Roo managed XML configuration for Services, Controllers, GWT Locators, etc.
  • [ROO-3331] - Post 1.2.3.RELEASE code refactor and clean up
  • [ROO-3334] - @ContextConfiguration for ROO integration tests to use classpath*
  • [ROO-3335] - Roo creates a new Compilation Unit when entity changes
  • [ROO-3353] - Make GAE and GWT version properties
  • [ROO-3356] - Support String version field in Integration test
  • [ROO-3358] - Javadoc
  • [ROO-3362] - Add labelCode to find.tagx
  • [ROO-3376] - Generated controllers violate W3C HTTP PUT specification
  • [ROO-3384] - Add additional serialization methods *_Roo_Json
  • [ROO-3385] - Add support to "declare precedence" in ITD generation
  • [ROO-3396] - Upgrade aspectj-maven-plugin to 1.4
  • [ROO-3416] - Update PrimeFaces support to 3.5
  • [ROO-3417] - Add French language support for JSF add-on
  • [ROO-3418] - Class property comments removed

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