Release Notes - Spring Shell - Version 1.1 M1 - HTML format


  • [SHL-47] - Invesitgate if SimpleFileConverter should be used or incorporated in FileConverter
  • [SHL-72] - DefaultBannerProvider welcome message mentions non-existent 'hint' command
  • [SHL-87] - sample app not working anymore
  • [SHL-114] - After initial creation, the plugin's ApplicationContext is refreshed one time too often

New Feature

  • [SHL-66] - Plugins should have access to command line options
  • [SHL-103] - Create simple way to test the execution of shell commands


  • [SHL-68] - Make help for built-in commands consistent
  • [SHL-69] - Extract "version" command from AbstractShell
  • [SHL-70] - Add a command to clear the console
  • [SHL-71] - Reference docs do not mention PluginProvider interface
  • [SHL-73] - Typo in reference docs: CliOptions iso CliOption
  • [SHL-75] - Change repository used to pull in custom jline dependency in sample application
  • [SHL-77] - Update the build to use later versions of JUnit and SLF4J
  • [SHL-78] - Add an if check in JLineShellComponent's stop method.
  • [SHL-79] - Update gradle wrapper to 1.2
  • [SHL-82] - Improve detection of apple terminal
  • [SHL-86] - Change bootstrapping procedure so JLineShellComponent can resolve its own dependencies.
  • [SHL-92] - Decoupled commands 'date' and 'system properties' from AbstractShell
  • [SHL-93] - Decouple script command from AbstractShell
  • [SHL-100] - Rename PluginProvider to NamedProvider and name() method to getProviderName()
  • [SHL-101] - Add top level ShellException
  • [SHL-102] - Remove parent/child context hierarchy
  • [SHL-104] - Remove compiler warnings
  • [SHL-105] - Add option to run helloworld example as a gradle run task

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