Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 1.0.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-109] - Tomcat shutdown doesn't wait for consumers in MessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-120] - Add setter for ObjectMapper on JsonMessageConverter
  • [AMQP-121] - <listener-container concurrency="5"/> blows up
  • [AMQP-124] - Message.toString() ClasscastException
  • [AMQP-125] - Unreliable lock algorithm in SimpleMessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-127] - Update parsers to be consistent with attirbutes in XSD
  • [AMQP-135] - Broker stop then restart: RabbitAdmin fails to re-declare non-durable queues

New Feature

  • [AMQP-94] - Let SimpleMessageListenerContainer start cleanly even if broker is down
  • [AMQP-106] - Add namespace support for <rabbit-admin/>
  • [AMQP-111] - Allow queue to specify id in XSD
  • [AMQP-113] - Backoff on protocol error in MessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-114] - Detect missing queue and fail startup of MessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-119] - Support for queue references (not names) in <listener-container/>
  • [AMQP-132] - Retry abstractions for Message listeners
  • [AMQP-133] - Add advice-chain to MLC XML configuration
  • [AMQP-137] - Add Log4j Appender


  • [AMQP-54] - Code syntax incorrect for one @Configuration example
  • [AMQP-103] - Add integration test for declarative retry (e.g. for listener failure)
  • [AMQP-104] - Update or remove changelog and readme
  • [AMQP-105] - Fix OSGi manifests
  • [AMQP-107] - Integration test for multiple queues in a MessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-108] - Move samples top separate repository
  • [AMQP-117] - Update user guide with XML namespace details
  • [AMQP-126] - Check that anonymous queues are re-declared when connection is restarted
  • [AMQP-130] - @Ignored test in MessageListenerRecoveryCachingConnectionIntegrationTests
  • [AMQP-131] - Remove AbstractRabbitConfiguration
  • [AMQP-141] - Create base class for MessageConverter implementations


  • [AMQP-30] - Add a boolean flag to SimpleMessageListenerContainer for declaring queues upon initialization
  • [AMQP-32] - Fix compiler warnings
  • [AMQP-43] - Ensure proper use of Channel-caching in the CachingConnectionFactory
  • [AMQP-86] - Use of RabbitTransactionManager should switch off TX synchronization with other transaction managers
  • [AMQP-112] - Make startup of SimpleMessageListenerContainer without broker more friendly for users
  • [AMQP-118] - Remove RabbitTemplate constructor from RabbitAdmin
  • [AMQP-123] - Support for String[] queueNames in MessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-129] - Allow client exception to propagate from ChannelCallback out to RabbitTemplate if not AMQP-related
  • [AMQP-136] - Optimization: only call txSelect() once (when the channel is opened)


  • [AMQP-53] - Simplify our custom Consumer implementation for the MessageListener container
  • [AMQP-110] - Change <rabbit:rabbit-admin /> to <rabbit:admin />
  • [AMQP-115] - Refactor Stocks demo to use 2 listener containers in QuoteController
  • [AMQP-134] - Revert logging dependencies to commons-logging
  • [AMQP-140] - Park RabbitBrokerAdmin in src/test/java

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