Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 1.0.0.RC2 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-145] - Samples are missing
  • [AMQP-148] - Default number of consumers is 0 on SimpleMessageListenerContainer if afterPropertiesSet() not called
  • [AMQP-150] - RabbitAdmin or CachingConnectionFactory should prevent calls to ConnectionListener when physical connection is not opened
  • [AMQP-151] - SingleConnectionFactory can close the wrong target connection on close
  • [AMQP-164] - Exchange parsers do not handle anonymous queues correctly
  • [AMQP-165] - AmqpAppender does not die cleanly when webapp shuts down
  • [AMQP-168] - SimpleMessageListenerContainer should only commit every txSize messages
  • [AMQP-169] - spring-rabbit-1.0.0.RC1.jar missing one Import-Package in the MANIFEST.MF

New Feature

  • [AMQP-155] - Add Throwable cause to MessageRecoverer
  • [AMQP-160] - Support for custom exchange types in BindingBuilder
  • [AMQP-161] - Support Exchange-Exchange bindings
  • [AMQP-172] - Add ChannelListener to allow customization of Channel in Spring AMQP caching ConnectionFactory instances


  • [AMQP-35] - Ensure manifest files are well-formed
  • [AMQP-175] - Upgrade to Rabbit client 2.5.0


  • [AMQP-147] - Add rabbit:template to the rabbit namespace
  • [AMQP-149] - Stocks demo doesn't start quickly if broker is absent
  • [AMQP-156] - AmqpAppender connectionTimeout never used
  • [AMQP-157] - durable and autoDelete flags in AmqpAppender exchange
  • [AMQP-158] - Binding class should accept custom Exchange as well as built-in types from the spec
  • [AMQP-166] - CachingConnectionFactory should try to re-connect more aggressively on a hard error
  • [AMQP-171] - Do not use basic.nack (RabbitMQ extension)


  • [AMQP-170] - Message header value has type com.rabbitmq.client.impl.LongStringHelper.ByteArrayLongString


  • [AMQP-143] - Fluent Binding API unclear: change "from(Queue)" to "bind(Queue)"
  • [AMQP-159] - Try not to encourage use of SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor
  • [AMQP-173] - Refactor the RabbitUtils MessageProperties creation into a strategy to be used by RabbitTemplate and MessageListenerContainers

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