Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 1.2.1 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-290] - Rabbit namespace little bug, when using reference to queueArgumentsMap
  • [AMQP-330] - String array can not be converted back from message
  • [AMQP-331] - When java.lang.Error(e.g.OutOfMemory) occurs, threads do not abort.
  • [AMQP-332] - Adding multiple listeners inside a single listener-container element is not working
  • [AMQP-338] - Container Doesn't Stop Consuming
  • [AMQP-340] - Wrong RabbitMQ credentials are not considered as fatal error by SimpleMessageListenerContainer
  • [AMQP-343] - Update Gradle to 1.9; Add testAll Task.


  • [AMQP-241] - Add package-info files
  • [AMQP-335] - Check for Versioned Schemas in Test Cases (in build.gradle)
  • [AMQP-339] - Updates For SPR 4.0.0
  • [AMQP-344] - Use the SPR Stylesheet with JDK 7 Javadocs


  • [AMQP-211] - Add ErrorHandler to ConnectionFactory and outbound Gateways/ChannelAdapters like Spring-JMS has
  • [AMQP-336] - Don't Run Performance Tests on Master Build
  • [AMQP-337] - Consider adding support for notifications when connections to the AMQP broker are lost and established.


  • [AMQP-341] - Make AmqpAppenderIntegrationTests OS independent
  • [AMQP-342] - Fix MessageListenerContainerLifecycleIntegrationTests according to latest changes of SimpleMessageListenerContainer

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