Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 1.3.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-363] - AmqpAppender appends throwable information even when layout handles it


  • [AMQP-356] - Reduce Test Log File Sizes
  • [AMQP-361] - Fix Javadoc Errors for JDK8
  • [AMQP-370] - Add BrokerRunning Rule to SimpleMessageListenerContainerLongTests


  • [AMQP-358] - Cache Channels When Caching Connections
  • [AMQP-366] - Do Not Emit StackTrace on a ConsumerCancelledException
  • [AMQP-367] - Support Removal of ConnectionListeners


  • [AMQP-359] - AmqpAppenderIntegrationTests should revert to default after its work
  • [AMQP-365] - Fix Race Condition in Consumer Recovery Test Cases
  • [AMQP-369] - AmqpAdmin <-> Declarable classes tangle

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