Release Notes - Spring Data GemFire - Version 1.2.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [SGF-85] - pdx-disk-store does not work when trying to reference a diskstore created in the cache.xml
  • [SGF-89] - Spring Gemfire Continuous Query Container Fails When Implementing the ContinuousQueryListener Interface
  • [SGF-92] - GemfireRepositoryFactory should report missing Region configuration
  • [SGF-101] - The repository deleteall() method only works for replicated regions

New Feature

  • [SGF-47] - Add ability to add a PartitionListener on a PartitionedRegion
  • [SGF-75] - Ability to define gateways in SGF XML configuration file
  • [SGF-76] - Disk store should be its own bean


  • [SGF-52] - Parent Region Enhancement
  • [SGF-53] - Add "enable-gateway" to region namespace config
  • [SGF-79] - Missing gateway attributes for regions
  • [SGF-86] - It would be nice to make instance variables protected in CacheFactoryBean and ClientCacheFactoryBean
  • [SGF-87] - Synch with latest Spring Data Commons release
  • [SGF-95] - Add namespace support for sub regions
  • [SGF-98] - Provide Namespace support for all cache and region properties
  • [SGF-102] - Add support for JavaConfig for repositories
  • [SGF-103] - XSD for namespace support uses xsd:ID as the type for ID attribute instead of xsd:string
  • [SGF-107] - Upgrade to Spring Data Commons 1.4.0 M1
  • [SGF-109] - Separate repository support into its own namespace
  • [SGF-111] - Change default bean names to camelCase to support @Autowire
  • [SGF-112] - Repositories should reject PagingAndSortingRepository and Pageable parameters
  • [SGF-113] - Repositories should support single entities being returned from a query method
  • [SGF-114] - Spring Gemfire pom.xml should depend on Gemfire 6.6.3
  • [SGF-115] - Add support for Like, StartsWith, EndsWith, Containing for repository queries.

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